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Kingdom Attack Tower-Defense Game

A topic by Kingdom-attack created Jul 24, 2016 Views: 494 Replies: 11
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Hi guys i just end my first indie game

Every body very welcome to see it !

give me some Advice to perform the content

and if you download the game i hope you will enjoy playing :) and maybe you can give me a feedback


I moved this topic to the release announcements board!

Though, the price is reasonable I would like to see a demo..

BTW, screenies look great!.

thx for the reply i will upload the Demo as soon as possible if you got any bug or any suggestion i will be happy to listen to you

Ok, will keep an eye out for it.

I uploaded a short demo of the game :)

I looked for the demo but do not see a link to it.

i bring it back

K, downloaded! Will get back after playing.

I played the demo. As far as tower defense games go, it's good.

Though, very minor; I'd suggest organizing the intermediate menu that allow's one to return to the main start screen or go to the main game play. It wasn't obvious what button to select to play. Despite figuring it out it caught me off guard a bit. I didn't have a problem connecting with 'Return' symbol but on the other hand I thought that the picture to the main play was apart of the scenery. Perhaps, at your discretion set that particular menu a bit centered. Maybe, with 'Start' or 'Return' embedded into the actual icons.

The main game is fun and eazy to get into(at least from the demo's aspect). I think the bounding or collision boxes could be more in tune with the tower's mound. Though, it's not a big deal in the demo but might give the final game version a polished end. The sound and music fit the game well and moved the game right along.

Overall, I enjoyed the demo and look forward to getting the actual game, despite the minors I mentioned.

BTW, did you do all the graphics and music yourself?

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I agree with you that the menu is not comprehensible in the demo but as you can see here:

in the full version you can easily figure it out .

for the collision boxes i will fix it to fit the tower's mound later on.

and finaly am planing to make many updates to the game including :

  • some Player spells to use against enemies .
  • Upgrade each tower example : Mage tower to Necromancer or Wizzard (with different spells)
  • add spells to bosses.
  • perform the gameplay.
  • Make the graphics look better.
  • and more :)

That's great... I see the difference now; thank you for the return reply.