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I agree with you that the menu is not comprehensible in the demo but as you can see here:

in the full version you can easily figure it out .

for the collision boxes i will fix it to fit the tower's mound later on.

and finaly am planing to make many updates to the game including :

  • some Player spells to use against enemies .
  • Upgrade each tower example : Mage tower to Necromancer or Wizzard (with different spells)
  • add spells to bosses.
  • perform the gameplay.
  • Make the graphics look better.
  • and more :)

i bring it back

I uploaded a short demo of the game :)

thx for the reply i will upload the Demo as soon as possible if you got any bug or any suggestion i will be happy to listen to you

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Hi guys i just end my first indie game

Every body very welcome to see it !

give me some Advice to perform the content

and if you download the game i hope you will enjoy playing :) and maybe you can give me a feedback