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Developer eviction from ?

A topic by beppigames created Oct 19, 2018 Views: 203 Replies: 6
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Could you please confirm (or state otherwise) I have been evicted from ? And if so for what reason.


1. I can no longer find myself in search of creator (beppigames).
2. My games were no longer listed in search of their keywords.

I had filed a bug below about my game "Hyperactive Soccer" not appearing in searches for "soccer" but the responses indicated everything was in order which I think is not the case at all.

Note in the meantime I pulled my games.  But I left one here (the soccer game) which should suffice to check for a bug. If its a bug.

Admin (1 edit)

There's nothing with your game or account that is preventing you from appearing on our search. When you are trying to rank for "topic" based searches, there is a lot more competition, and the search UI isn't the greatest for that. We try to push people into the browse page with a tag for topic based browsing. Search at the moment works best for direct title matches. I just added an official "Soccer" tag to make it easier to find from search.

Regarding searching by your name, search works by your username, not your display name:

Hope that explains what's going on.

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That's dumb

People don't know his username, they only know his display name
You should be able to search both its username and display name

(EDIT : I searched for "Wasplay" and I found myself and my game, so there's something wrong with him)

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I searched for "soccer" and from the results I filtered those where displayname is NOT included in username. That resulted in only three results (including mine (now)). Those other two displaynames have same behavior as mine, meaning, they cannot be found in creator search. So this is just a conceptual problem: When you  choose a display name not included in your username you are not informed about the consequences for search.  Maybe add some help texts to GUIs pointing this out  ?

Thanks for the  response. So I can be found by the unknown username, not by the known display name. I was sure it worked before so remembered wrong. And keyword search does not work because there is competition (I read that now a second time) and there is an official soccer tag. I had tried others of my games and their keywords  with no success. So I assume there are also official tags in that cases that prevent them to be found. 

To conclude the case:

Keeping my soccer game here and I give notice on my profile page my games can be found on my homepage.  If one can find the profile page though.

@beggigames - whether this is useful to you or not I don't know, but I just tried a search for "hyperactive" - your game was 2nd in the list -  and "soccer" - your game was 19th.  Not surprisingly it was the first game that came up when I searched for "hyperactive soccer" specifically.  

I'll give your game a try when I can, I like the idea of these quick manic matches! :-)

Thanks for the notification. I now see it when searching for "soccer". Was not the case before. Searching for "hyperactive soccer" always worked but user does not know game names a priori. Hint: You can select from different speeds in the game. CPU opponent is good and you concede goals at first. Later you strike back.