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Collect cards and defeat monsters in this rogue-like adventure. · By dcoulter45

Bugs and Issues Sticky

A topic by dcoulter45 created Aug 31, 2023 Views: 442 Replies: 18
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Post any bugs and issues you find here.

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  • Firm/Whet works only if it’s not enchanted, but the text says the opposite

  • If dragging Firm or Whet and releasing anywhere other than a weapon, the card doesn’t return to the hand, keeping you from playing cards

  • Sting and Dispense give no attack while claiming to do so.

  • Not sure if the spike enchantment of Sting does anything.

  • You are never asleep when the enemies attack, so Visage never uses the +3 block while sleeping.

Really good game btw.


Glad you enjoyed it. The feedback is much appreciated as well. Hopefully those bugs are squashed with the latest update.

Dragging bug still appears.


I haven't been able to replicate this one again. Is there any more info you can provide to help me track it down?

For example: When I'm about to cast a spell or equip a weapon but I switch tab ( Alt+ Tab) or a  pop-up appears.

lion heart dosent drawl you extra cards if your empty likely because it checks at the start of your turn and the first thing you do is draw a card meaning it never works unless your webbed


You were indeed right. Should be fixed in the latest update. Thanks for reporting it.

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Something is slowing the game to a crawl a couple of turns into combat on my android phone. I cannot tell you more as I don't know what's causing it. Maybe it's a card I added to the deck? Maybe it's coincidence. Restarting the game somewhat helps and there's a chance that I'll finish the combat without slowdown, but it's almost guaranteed every fight. I can also be in fact webbed even though I have the leaf that says I can't be.

Developer (1 edit)

The leaf item should be fixed now.

I've noticed the slow down on my android phone before as well. There was an update a while ago to try and resolve it and the latest update should be better performance wise. But it's clearly still an issue on some devices and might still be there. It's likely a memory leak, which is a pain to track down. 

If you don't mind, can I ask what android phone you have and roughly how many battles you can get through before the slowdown. Hopefully I'll get a better look into what's going in the next few days.

It's a Hammer Android Phone. The slowdown can happen as soon as the second battle encounter, but I think I've managed to see a connection between how many items drop and how many consumables I get. If I get too many fruit the game seems to slow down but If I see nothing but Items the game seems to be a bit better. I think. I could be wrong.

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bug : miscalculation attack. 

I used a Sickle ( 2 attack +1 by upgrade) 

I used a focus it became 5 attack OK

I used the Bear Transformation : x2 attack weapon => 10 OK

And finally I used Grip : x2 attack weapon => 30 attack instead of 20 Not OK

I pitied the boss for this attack :p


Poor boss haha. Should be resolved now. Thanks for letting me know.

This game is very elegant and enjoyable. A nice twist on the Spire-like mechanic. The card effects are all pretty clean.

There's a bug in the web version (I don't install games that I can play in a browser):

* When I come back to the game after shutting my computer down, my progress isn't saved. 

Possible improvements for gameplay:

* It would be nice to be able to see what new enemies will appear next turn, and how many are left in total for this battle.
  - There's definitely room for this information onscreen.

* When you've reached the exit, and there are no enemies left, "End turn" should exit the battle.

* It's a bit weird that a card counts towards your hand limit while you are playing it. 
  - I played the card that returns a weapon to hand, with seven cards in hand. I expected there to be room in my hand for the weapon after playing the card, but instead I just lost the weapon!

A balance issue:

* You can currently farm bosses for loot drops (and gold?) by killing indefinitely many minions. 
  - I suggest putting a cap on how many loot bags can be dropped in a single battle.

Very very fun game, been having a lot of fun with different builds and characters. No bugs to speak of yet, but a few potential improvements/changes to gameplay:

- Status effects vs enemies feel very weak, specifically burn, poison, and confuse. It’s almost always more viable to burst an enemy down with damage, so ticking away at a small enemy feels suboptimal and bosses have so much health to make inflicting a status effect feel worthwhile (their health doesn’t need a nerf btw) Buffs to damage for poison and burn would help, and confuse should lean more in the players favor. The “status effects” page should also show how statuses affect enemies, not just the player. 

- The tutorial when using a new character for the first time should be viewable from the character select screen, in case players need a refresher on the mechanics. I have personally forgotten exactly how Quill works several times. 

- Greth overall feels super underpowered. Blade Caster does not have enough impact to take so long to charge, there aren’t enough character specific cards to provide build diversity or utilize Greth’s abilities, and Warblades are counterintuitive. Instead of providing a +4 to weapons when charged, you should either be able to store charges for when you want to use them, or Blade Caster should operate more like a level 1, 2, and 3. The damage buff starts small, but progressively gets better as you charge and is permanent for a fight, so lvl1 gives a permanent +2 to weapons, lvl2 gives a +3, and lvl3 gives a +4, so you’re weak at first but are absolutely shredding later on. War Blades should also give a charge on equip, not on attack. That or they should have 3 durability instead of 2. 

- Bosses are an overall mixed bag. The dragon fight is super fun and challenging, and the 2 bosses at once before the final boss is a refreshing mixup, but the final boss and all the others feel pretty weak and same-y. Boss-specific minion summons (maybe the blue glob guy summons smaller version if himself?), resistances and weakness to certain attack types/builds, and maybe a level 1 boss who is super tanky but summons no minions would be pretty cool. 

- Chance encounters are a cute idea, like the fishing mini game or the frog with the question, but are almost always a worse option than going to a weapon upgrade shrine or to the shop. More minigame-based events like a small platforming game or a puzzle that offer good rewards but punish failure would incentive players to try chance encounters instead of a safe option would be super cool to see. 

Love the game, been having a lot of fun with it, excited to see what future updates bring. 

Have beat gold with 4 different characters but Triple Threat character will not unlock. Emerick was one of the characters I beat gold with, so since they’re new there might be a bug.


Thank you for reporting this. Should be fixed in the latest patch now.

Two zero cost boomerangs can break each other an infinite amount of times and attack, dealing infinite damage.

Overdrive doesn't set you to sleep