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  • Firm/Whet works only if it’s not enchanted, but the text says the opposite

  • If dragging Firm or Whet and releasing anywhere other than a weapon, the card doesn’t return to the hand, keeping you from playing cards

  • Sting and Dispense give no attack while claiming to do so.

  • Not sure if the spike enchantment of Sting does anything.

  • You are never asleep when the enemies attack, so Visage never uses the +3 block while sleeping.

Really good game btw.

“Thanks for the message” is not bugged. I meant the text that asks you to deliver the message: “Will you bring this message to the Mayor of Community Town for me?”

You’re welcome.

Maybe these messages with the engine problem are just too long for the engine, and you need to shorten them or break them up into two shorter messages.

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Nice idea, I like it so far.


-the message “You suddenly remember you forgot something at your house.” bugs as it finishes, becoming “house.ddenly remember you forgot something at your house.” Something similar happens when that guy asks you to get a message to the mayor.

-before you get the dog back, there is no message after you select “Potion 10$”

-after you get the dog and supposedly just got 15$, selecting “Potion 10$” tells you “Thanks for buying”, and then he immediately tells you don’t have enough money.

-if you enter the screen where you find the dog from above, you immediately walk out again

Very enjoyable game.

I also had that cross origin error, but I can play just fine at the direct link

On turn 51 the game became unresponsive instead of placing enemies. It’s probably because I almost fully encircled the playing field with plants, lol. Though another noteworthy event was a monstrosity killing another monstrosity just before.

Wow, this is good. The only thing that mildly annoys me sometimes is that I can’t skip the upgrade completely.

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Nice. Right now the game seems to favor early game strength. I can’t think of a way to counter my deck of only shamans, captains, apprentices and knights(or maybe wizards instead), there doesn’t seem to be a control alternative playing the long game. Captains in particular are a bit too powerful for their cost. With the current set of cards, lowering the number of lanes could make things more interesting.

Nice game. It took a bit to purposefully get this to happen, but if you fail the last two checks, the game just softlocks you even if you still have hp left.

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Took a bit to figure out you can place your tile on top of their tile

I suspect that the Snogard thing has to do with agi being added in the end. When I attacked Snowy with my party, one of them hit for 100-grt/4, probably the one using the accessory setting agi to zero. Or maybe that was just a coincidence. But yeah, the damage is always 100 or less, so it’s no punishment compared to how it could always be 100.

And here I was thinking Superpower would just be the “easy mode” corresponding to “hard mode”. Same with conjuring cheese and eggplants. If I were to abuse these, I could just as well go ahead and edit some conveniently named json file to boost some stats and save myself some time.

There’s also the possibility that Helper would fight the party if you make him too powerful. Which keeps you from spamming Superpower…. or makes you use Superpower to see if something happens. Well I guess now I know nothing happens.

Helper’s magic skills not showing up because he doesn’t have a magic category is probably also intended. It’s a good joke. I could have added about half of Helper’s skills to that list.

nice fix.

Playing the local non-web version now, deleting a save causes an error message after a moment. “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token o in JSON at position 1”.

Things that may or may not be intentional:

  • cat’s Charge can miss
  • Damage received by Snowy while using Snogard and grit-based damage reduction is often neither =100 nor =100-grt/4
  • Using stats magnifier on an enemy gives a “yo you broke the game” speech text, but the game goes on just fine.
  • after using hard mode on Helper, it doesn’t reset his stats when resetting skills.

All of this was observed in the previous downloadable linux version, though.

Great game btw, thank you for making this.

/img/battlebacks1/FUCK.png fails to load. I could fix it for me by downloading the game and renaming fuck.png (using the html version so I could copy my local storage.)

I don’t use Discord, sorry if that causes any inconvenience.

Nice game. Apparently speed and the action “Defend” are just useless apart from nerfing your enemies. lol

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Great game. Two bits of feedback:

  1. As a fully sighted person, imo there was no real need for tile-based movement at all, instead you could just have provided options such as “go to tavern”, “explore forest” or “go back to town”. Which is to say, this is could have been a pure text rpg. The tile-based environment requires more input to accomplish basically the same, at least in terms of gameplay.

  2. With enough rucksacks, you can draw your entire deck, then avoid ever having to end your turn and only ever play rucksacks and attack cards, keeping all other cards in your hand.

Yup, seems like you fixed it, all the scenarios in my comment work correctly now. Good job!

For the case that needs clarification, the third scenario was never buggy for me.

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great tool!

I think I found a bug. Load v0s0r1w30h3l30a8b11c9d9pZw9Z4Z4Z4AZ3AZ3A and take one step. The expected result is a 2x3x2 block, however it is missing two cells in a way that breaks the symmetry of the original figure.

(8,11,9,9 is conway, adapted for simulating warping 2d in warping 3d. This particular example seems to work fine for heights of 1, 2 and 4, the bug occurs with height 3.)

edit: Different example:

glider that stops when warping:


functional counterpart with slightly different length:


Oh, right. Well, it could suppress healing, in addition… but even then I’m not sure if I’d use it, lol.

Wow, this had a lot of great updates!

Only bug I know atm is that immolate gives the wrong effect, namely mark

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I’m using localized swf version 0.43.621, that should be the latest version. I could also reproduce it on the web version yesterday.

No, the wrong travel shrine issue caused me to find 5 undiscovered shrines. Each shrine sent me to a new, unkown shrine, only the final one sent me back to the one shrine I found normally. No idea what caused it, it happened on the first run of the game, after downloading it.

Edit: I just found out I copied the .sol files that day (I savescum sometimes). Turns out I actually only found 4 new shrines that way. Tell me if you want me to send you the files in some way.

You’re right, the auto option suggestion is very specific. I can’t really unequip the auto, if I used the sword I couldn’t have something else to quickly switch to. But it’s not important, I probably should just be paying more attention. And once you get the blessed sword it works like I’d like it, anyway.

You’re welcome, thank you for making this game!

Great game, as others have said.


  • Sometimes all silver dogs become aggressive for no valid reason. I’m pretty sure that this is triggered whenever I revisit the entrance room, and I can reproduce it that way.

  • On one occassion, I used a travel hat, but the one statue I discovered sent me to a different statue. Same was true for the other statues, and after going through all six of them, I was transported to the first statue I discovered.

Small things that could be better:

  • there could be an option to deactivate auto-use of bombs on anything other than walls bordering the rooms, so it’s harder to accidentally waste a bomb or blow up something important.

  • There could be a way to pass your turn, so you don’t have to drop torches or something.

  • it could use an auto-travel feature, allowing you to instantly travel between any two cleared rooms that are connected by cleared rooms.

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That’s all nice to hear. :)

If you’re fixing some stuff, I would start with the rubble, at least if taking it out is as easy as I imagine it.

Thoughts about thoughts:

Your ideas for turning it into skills sound good. Cooldowns and more upgrades could also be applied if you keep the concept of cards. It’s your choice what kind of game this should be.

If you want decks bigger than the amount of cards you draw each turn to be better, also consider different general mechanisms about cards. Maybe don’t discard the unused cards in your hand at the end of the turn. And/or draw less cards.

Having to look at and evaluate 5 new cards every turn in this kind of roguelike might be a bit too much. Card equip is just one of the ideas for that.

About smaller and effectively smaller levels: Considering that I often finish all my deckbuilding on the second level, these do sound like good ideas, if you keep the current game mechanisms.

I see, I was suspecting something like this by now. Email sent. Thanks for the quick reply and the key!

what am I missing if level 3_8 seems impossible to my understanding of the rules?

I.e., you can’t block the escape path of the mouse in a position you can reach using the rock, so you have to use the bunny. But the bunny is only trapped 2 fields above the rock, and there isn’t enough space to use that to catch the mouse…

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You’re welcome. Thank you for this great game!

About five cards decks:

In the beginning I usually throw out cards until I have only 3 strikes, sprint and run left. It’s able to deal with everything on the first level in a quick and effective manner. Then I look at books, but use keyboard walking to leave them behind for later, until I think I have the basis for a good deck, and enough fountains to switch to it.

firebolt, octave, elegant, run, vault

was the first deck that got me to glumgraymore. It can’t defeat him, though. This deck was kind of optimized to make encounters in the dungeon quick and simple.

Later I managed to get

tea, ditto, lifesteal, snipe, blink

but the snipe-ditto bug made me start over. Fights against spider mages can also be lengthy, not sure if this deck would even defeat glumgraymore.

Another one I got was

fireball, octave, elegant, bind, exert

but I accidentally one-shot myself (should have seen that coming, haha). There is exert instead of run, because you sometimes have to jump over one-tile walls to proceed to the next level. It also takes less clicks/keypresses than run.

Finally, I used

ventriloquist, knockout, firebolt, exert, icebolt

and won. Icebolt was there to make fighting spider mages quicker, and could be replaced with something else. It was kind of underwhelming to defeat glumgreymore with knockout, some day I’ll try it again with a deck using bind or lifesteal instead.

Other ideas: two steadfast, two tea, some movement and some attack could give you infinite energy and infinite cards, I think. It’s six cards, though. Some deck with two upgraded clarity darts could spam infinite clarity darts, though they can be resisted. Lotus ends on your turn, so you can attack, and just use lotus again. Maybe clouds would still damage you, idk.

Those seemed op to me, so I didn’t use them.

Of course there are many other possible decks, I’m usually trying to play some kind of wizard.


The thing is, if I’m always drawing the same five cards, it kind of misses the point of having cards rather than skills. But right now, if there just was a greater minimum deck size, it would just make the gameplay more clunky for me. You are also kind of punished for having a bigger deck, as fountains become less likely to remove the card you want to remove.

Equipping cards is just some idea that would preserve some of the comfort of using a five card deck. If then the dungeon would require more versatility than a 5 card deck can offer, there would be a good reason to accept the randomness of a bigger deck.

I didn’t really think about what kind of deck exactly I would use with card equips, I would probably still use 5 card decks until the game really requires more versatility than that.

But it’s ok as it is, even with 5 card decks there is a deckbuilding aspect. This was just some idea.

Other stuff I just remembered:

  • “pulverize”, I think, couldn’t target walls when I tried it. Maybe I just wasn’t close enough. But I could target a monster to discard it.

  • not sure if “with feeling” works, but maybe you just need to pay the energy cost of the next card twice, in which case it’s just ditto but worse.

  • of course some kind of saving feature would be good

  • I think it would be better if the effect of shift was reversed, so you walk by default when pressing a direction key. While you are targeting, you can’t walk anyway.

Great game. But the fact that you can't double click when there is rubble visible means it's often either a rubble-removal-simulator or a tile-based-walking-simulator... I guess a quick fix would be to just remove all the rubble from the game, at the moment it's 1% a nice detail, 1% a ventriloquist target and 98% annoying. It also can spawn on top of an item and you don't see that.

More minor points:

- There should be a "really hit yourself?" prompt for damaging cards

- There is a bug if you use ditto after you just used snipe, turns the screen white as if you died

- If you target yourself with bind and you get damaged it causes an infinite loop. (It times out and everything works fine afterwards, though. Or was it because I moved and ended the turn?)

- You should be able to end the turn using mouse, instead of having to find the key "e"

- At the moment, 5 card decks seem to be the best, or at least are more comfortable to play. I think it would be better if you could "equip" 2 or 3 cards so that you always draw them, so that every deck has some predictability.

- auto-targeting would help make the controls less clunky