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The game softlocks here.

Yes. The goal usually is to kill the enemy in one turn. Or just have a lineup of bricks (Spades)

The variant area never clears for standard runs.

Straights and Flushes don't accept straight flushes.

Version 25.4

Wide house has negative stats?

Is there a way to unselect the first stone you pick in a turn

Now I think something wasn't reset between games.

The text is as if it were a d6, but the image says otherwise.

I'm not sure if the promotion art change is intentional, but the downgrade certainly wasn't.

When does the joust get charged?

The game glitches when you use bring me joy on the map screen.

e/r keys

Arrow keys.

Good Game.

The spells don't seem to change on level up though. I think that's a bug.

Was it that reaper item that lets your poison use vampirism?

Overdrive doesn't set you to sleep

Shield doesn't reduce damage below 1

I'm sure this is intentional since it's been more than a few updates.

I can't triple dark blossom, it just activates the card.

I'm assuming this applies something to self.

How did "NO MORE PLAYERS" do that? I think it's hacking, after all you can be on the leaderboard multiple times, yet there is no progression between the previous records and their score.

When transforming oilslick after it's adjacent to blood river, the hellfire's score isn't doubled.

Can you make the description of the items on the cards show when you hover on them in the deck builder? This is just quality of life, but it would help quite a bit.

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I think while moving a unit, it glitched and the unit stopped existing.

Edit to add, the orbis vigor and incursio say row in the battle but column in the description.

True cell bomb also doesn't work after round 1.

I've seen games like this before (Villainous, Tower Escape) Having it based in real time is quite the twist.

If the dev is reading this, preparation says one green point.

Notes coming from below are very hard to prepare for sometimes. It's hard but really fun. As another suggestion, for the levels can it be clearer how long until we win? The scratches as platforms create an interesting dilemma.

 Fanfare doesn't show up on combat log.

You have to hover over your ? dice to see them,

How much does each animal eat?

It's two stones, not four for the stone skin potion

Why does Gravel+Clay give a different result than Clay+Gravel?

The area was the second one but I did get a second blessing and the thing seemed to be normal after that.

Jan 3 2022, occasionally in endless a loop consists of 1 area instead of 3

Bug report, Dice lords, you say the person who rolled less wins on a tie, it went the other way.

How did someone get 100% with 0-67?

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The more you have the less you make.

Edit, not updates, the hours at the top.

This was the start of my turn... I think there's a bug... where's my free reroll?

Can we get the ability to see the upgraded cards before upgrading?

What do you mean?

Notice, you can't take neutral cards