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Why does Gravel+Clay give a different result than Clay+Gravel?

The area was the second one but I did get a second blessing and the thing seemed to be normal after that.

Jan 3 2022, occasionally in endless a loop consists of 1 area instead of 3

Bug report, Dice lords, you say the person who rolled less wins on a tie, it went the other way.

How did someone get 100% with 0-67?

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The more you have the less you make.

Edit, not updates, the hours at the top.

This was the start of my turn... I think there's a bug... where's my free reroll?

Can we get the ability to see the upgraded cards before upgrading?

What do you mean?

Notice, you can't take neutral cards

Fact you can shoot up

As a suggestion from someone who uses them, can you add arrow keys as an option for movement?

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Warning: The berserker's club forgets to tell you, -2 damage to enemy +1 to self this turn, instead says -2 damage this turn.

Edit: you can see it but you must scroll down to see it/ right click view card

Why are some rares selling for 10 and others 5?

move to an orange tile

The game keeps asking if you want to quit also occasionally crashes when I select something on the menu. (V0.3 web)

I did die from the bandit, other times however I have encountered this and had 0HP but wasn't dead.

Heal + Wildcard is weird. (Heal 1 for 3 matched pink and pink and yellow match) I did 2 damage to myself matching 1 pink and 2 yellow.

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Gold doesn't reset on death?

Edited because typos.

While looking into how to explain, I realized it does work, but ranged doesn't seem to work when you enter battle with 2 people.

Does the Kunai work?

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I don't want to seem like reporting constant bugs, but... this was in the daily challenge, it might be possible during a normal game, but as far as I know, all the ways to reach 0HP have death messages. This was the Jun 21 2022 challenge. Edit: Heal has a problem of its own, If you have heal for matched color A and wildcard Colors A and B, you take damage from heal if less than 3 is of color A. It's not just the challenge.

For the first, yes I'm sure it was blink that activated. I had multiple, but blink activated and that was the death reason I was told.

For the second, Titan's will on the column I was on, I still don't have an answer on how that happened

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I died due to flurry of blows but I had blink, and empty spaces available.

Edit, also died to "could not find a footing" when there was an empty tile to my left

When Dolf disappears and returns you can't see his card.

The possessed crossbow hurts every movement if no damage was done.

I had a run ended by a link to four level with raining blanks.

Fortress triggers when going into the shops too allowing you to sell the shield then get it back

Bombs count down during frozen time


Oh, didn't notice. Just saw I wasn't getting gold.

The tasty flies don't sell for anything, the merchant just eats them.

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Repxecutioner isn't gaining spikes.

Edit: I was using teddy bear sword.

Isn't that heavy? How is it up there?

Just a suggestion, making sure displaced items don't end up behind the item limit prompt.