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For example: When I'm about to cast a spell or equip a weapon but I switch tab ( Alt+ Tab) or a  pop-up appears.

Dragging bug still appears.

Simple, but fascinating.

Optional setting, plzz

Play time just about 1h, but the time to make this game maybe took a month or more?

Don't be afraid my buddy, i belive you good at yuri comic. Maybe you will be famous with your art style :3

Awww this game so cute, why dont you turn it to a Dōjinshi?

Can i have the art work too?

I sorry about that, have a nice day.

Well, will you make another game like this?

How to get it on Windows 7?

Man, this game is really cool but can you code a version that spiderman use his web.

Thank for attention.

You work alone or group?

I like this art style and game play. But i can't read the text that give me info about this game.

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i5 2430m and hd 3000 can run it?

Nice game, i want to play this game with my mouse.


Thanks man.

Can i use this software to create my indie game?

Hope you release this game for Window.

Why my pc can't 60 fps this game.

I think she should be silent when she attack and replace this sound by sound like swing a sword. This way could be improve this game.Thanks for readding :3

thank you :3

nice try, will you release window versio

game play like tetris dungeo

cool game, but i want to know how to download it

my intel HD graphics 3000 cant play it 

it not support opengl

Can you make this game for pc player?

Nice. But more?

can it up vector?