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Nuclear Throne Together

An online multiplayer mod for Nuclear Throne. · By YellowAfterlife

Frequently Asked Questions Sticky

A topic by YellowAfterlife created Jul 12, 2016 Views: 42,532 Replies: 177
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hey, me again. and i've been wondering, is it possible for me and my friend play a ntt mod online? like nuclear throne x10 for example.


Yes - both of you agree to load mods (type /sideload), and then one of you can load the mod (which will load for other person as well)

According to virus total, there is something malicious. Can someone please give me some insight?


As per FAQ, since NTT-Assemble assembles a new executable out of parts of existing executable, some antivirus programs may consider it a virus. You can compile it yourself from source if you are concerned.

Does YV use they/them pronouns? I noticed that the quotes on the wiki refer to them with they/them, and I'm curious on if that's intentional or not.


I'm not the person to ask about Nuclear Throne lore, but the reason why wiki uses "they" is likely that neither of games (NT/Gun Godz) explicitly mention Y.V.'s gender (if there's any - deity and all), therefore using "they" seems appropriate.

hell yes. thank you

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Hey so me and my friend downloaded the NTT mod and we got everything up and running, we own it on epic games and not steam so idk if thats why but we cant invite eachother or connect to hosted games by one another, if you could help that would be great if not thanks anyways. It says that it times out everytime.


Since you connect by IP-port, you'll need to port-forward or use a virtual private network software like Hamachi (there's a bunch like this).

Thank you that worked

In the NTT-Assemble.exe there is an option:
4: Toggle Steam
What it does?

It says that "Steam features are now enabled". At first I thought it has something to do with achievements (as I don't get steam achievents with NTT normally) but after "toggling steam" in NTT I don't see any differences with the NTT without "steam toggled" as I still don't earn achievents.


Enables/disables use of Steam API for networking (which is how you are able to use Steam invitations). When disabled, you can only join by IP-port

Okay, thank you

Is this Mac compatible? If not, is there a Mac version?


It is not, although people did run it on Mac via WINE, Crossover, and Parallels.

Unfortunately it is not very viable to natively support Mac in a freeware mod due to steep development costs and issues with implementing cross-platform multiplayer.

Heya, I'm having trouble getting NTT to recognise my gamepad, which is especially weird because vanilla NT seems to have no trouble. Its a standard xbox360 controller. Tried using /gamepad to no success, are there any other possible solutions?


Do i need the same save file to play with friends?


When playing online, an "everything is unlocked" save file is loaded up by default. You can then load someone's actual save file via /loadgame and later update it via /savegame.

Hi, how сan I remove the mod list in menu? I install them too much and it interferes :D


You can click on the mod list +/- button when it's open to minimize it

Oh, I didn't notice, thanks!

hi how do you unlock frog in this mod?


Get a golden frog pistol and survive till the end of the stage

I downloaded this mod earlier and it seems to mostly be working but now when I go to the co-op mode, it says there is an error with steam. "Steamworks extension could not load. Did you copy all the needed files to the Nuclear Throne' directory?" I'm not sure what this means or how to fix it. I think I downloaded everything properly and it lets me play solo fine and I think I can set up local servers, but I can't figure out how to get steam to work. My friends downloaded this too and don't seem to be getting the steam issue, I'm not sure what I did differently.

Will the 2020 beta ever be available to people who have purchased the game on itch?


That would be something to ask Rami, unfortunately - I think itch version isn’t even u99 yet?


linux support?


I have made a test Linux build at one point, but it was desyncing when playing with Windows users, and none of the DLL-based features (shader loading, v9940 error handling, mouselock, native cursor, etc.) worked, so it was never released to public. Meanwhile, WINE/Proton run NTT reasonably well.

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Me and my cousin and my brother wanted to play together but we lag when trying to play together, my brother and I play locally and my cousin is online so we have input lag when online anything I can try or a solution?

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