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No response from support mail. Game with steam key

A topic by TrifulcaForce created Sep 14, 2018 Views: 270 Replies: 4
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We have  a game that we want to sell, but its run on Steam environment.  We  have Steam Cloud, Steam online subsystem and other Steam features like the Steam beacons because we are developing the multiplayer. We do not care for DRM, only steam features.
We know that guidelines prefers to sell files with the game, and we want to offer something like that, but for now, our game depends on the steam environment.  We will add a free demo very soon, but we are working in more content and multiplayer. 
We have written 3 mails to asking how should we proceed. No response at all.

We could upload a standalone build (is more than 1gb, we need permission to do that too) it would not have all the features and would not update  without steam. Of course it will be sell with a steam key for the complete game.  Is that appropiate?

Thank you


We strongly recommend developers to upload a DRM free version of their game. If their game is available on Steam then you can include a Steam key for people who want to access those features. We do make exceptions for some games to sell only Steam keys but there must be a reason like the game requires Steamworks to be functional.

Regarding the upload size, I've removed your upload limit. For larger games we recommend developers to use our command line upload tool: It's significantly more reliable than uploading in your browser, has a higher upload limit, and will only upload delta patches.

what is DRM?


DRM is a protection that keeps games out of buyers control. This is commonly used to stop pirates (known as illegal owners) from uploading a free version of it. DRM protects images, code and music from being free to the public.

Thank you for your response leafo.
We have uploaded a DRMfree version and we added a bunch of steam keys in the "external keys" section, but the "get steam key" button don't appear to the buyers when they download our game.
Why is that? we need something more than add the keys? i don't find any check box or any option to activate it.

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