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Include final developer cut when exporting purchases as CSV?

A topic by Sophie Houlden created Jul 07, 2016 Views: 278 Replies: 4
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it'd save me a bunch of time if there was a column that listed what I earned from each sale, for when it comes time to file income tax :)

In theory I could pull my usual cut from what is in the CSV, but that's still a headache for me, even if I didn't shift the open revenue sharing value around from time to time ^__^;

oh also since I'm asking, it'd be nice if the $ character was removed from all the values, otherwise I gotta delete them one by one for my spreadsheet to treat the cells as number values :)


Hey Sophie! I created an issue for leaf here:

Can't give an eta but those seem reasonable :)


Try again, tell me if that works for you.

I made a few changes:

  1. Removed the currency symbol
  2. Added a currency column
  3. Added a new amount_delivered column which is equal to amount - source_fee - marketplace_fee

Looks like it works! Thanks so much, this is a big help for me :)