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Amy's Gamey - cartoony and colourful 16-bitish platformer!

A topic by ScottLewis created Jul 05, 2016 Views: 706 Replies: 4
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A page of GIFs!

The inspiration behind this game is mainly Gameboy and SNES platformers from my youth. Particularly Warioland and Super Mario World. The player uses a tackle attack like in Warioland.

I introduce lots of new gimmick stuff to the player throughout the experience, to avoid repetitive gameplay.

This game is almost done. Just some extra non-gameplay related bits to work on, like an intro scene and a new title screen, as well as finishing programming the world map. And i'm finally realizing i should have started showing it off sooner. T.T

Can anyone tell me what they think based on the screens? Do you feel anything? I'm not sure if i'm supposed to ask that in a devlog topic.

This game looks great, I want to play it from the GIFs alone. I'm seeing a strong Yoshi's Island influence in the palette and graphical style. The gameplay looks simple in a good way, and I would want to play more just to see what new gimmicks you throw at the player.

The player sprite is my least favorite thing-- the default face looks less polished than the other sprites.

I certainly can't deny that i really like Yoshi's Island!

I also took inspiration from palette limitations on some old 8-bit consoles (specifically how they could only show 4 colours in a palette at a time). With a few exceptions on background elements I used that as a creative limitation. So every individual bit of dot art is limited to four colours (usually white, black + 2 others).

The player sprite being 'unpolished' might be due to it being the first art i did for the game, and then not having the heart to change it later!

The reliance on encountering new gameplay/enemy objects it partly due to the simplicity of the gameplay. But later on old gimmicks get recombined in (hopefully!) interesting ways. The final area introduces relatively few gimmicks but i wanted to have a "Show me whatcha learned" feel happening with that.

Looking totally rad! Can feel the Yoshi's Island vibe on those gifs. Looking up to a release :

This Looks awesome! Looking forward to its release. ^_^

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