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Original GameBoy themes

A topic by pzeronow created Aug 09, 2018 Views: 388 Replies: 3
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1. Keep a theme of the original GameBoy.

I was playing GB back in the days but I'm not really sure what are 'original GameBoy themes'. Does it mean it can only contain gameplay seen in original GB games or what exactly?

What about music + sound fx? Only famitracker stuff?

Thanks and bye!

It just means that your game should look like a GameBoy game. First and foremost this is called "GBJam" so you're not fooling anyone by making an FPS and slapping a 4 color palette on it. It's about working within the limitations of the hardware, or whatever approximation you can achieve with your skillset

Aaaalright, got it. Lol wasn't thinking about making an FPS for a GB jam but rather a pixel art single-screen arcade little thingy. I guess that falls into original GB themes category.

Given this example,, would a very primitive 3D game be acceptable?

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