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Loved this game!

Interesting game and very nice sprites!

It's getting frozen before the spawn animation finishes after I press 'x' and 'c' :( Gifs look awesome, nice pixel art.

Introduction seemed too long. Player control feels a bit weird. There's something strange going on with the sprites, but I like them, they're nicely done (backgrounds, trees, fire-spitting gargoyles -> my favorites). Keep it up!

Aaaalright, got it. Lol wasn't thinking about making an FPS for a GB jam but rather a pixel art single-screen arcade little thingy. I guess that falls into original GB themes category.


1. Keep a theme of the original GameBoy.

I was playing GB back in the days but I'm not really sure what are 'original GameBoy themes'. Does it mean it can only contain gameplay seen in original GB games or what exactly?

What about music + sound fx? Only famitracker stuff?

Thanks and bye!

I tried to help Starfleet Mac but I could only get 414 points. I like the chain idea. Pretty nice!

Very nice toy, I could be fiddling around with this for hours on a tablet/mobile. Although I was hoping to see those violet cocci turn into Staphylococci and Streptococci at least! Sound treatment also quite nice.

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I love this one. Need to see more. Barrel roll!

Glad you like it! I'll update this post in a few days with more info on its current status :) More frequent updates here.

Nice to see a 2D approach inspired by the same cart I chose :)

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Hi all,

First time participating in AGBIC. I only jammed once before (LD34) and I don't have a lot of time to go for it but when I saw this was some kind of more relaxed version of a jam I decided to give it a shot. Also, I love the idea of being inspired by the famicase exhibition!

I picked up this one cartridge by Samuel Boucher:

"Team up with your unconscious mind to find your way out of a dream that trapped you in. Will you ever wake up?"

I started around three days ago so many of the core aspects are almost ready but I'm sure I can use the full month to implement some of the most time-consuming tasks. Here's a picture of the (always needed!) whiteboard brainstorming:

And some videos, because images alone are boring:   ok so apparently something's up with the videos I posted on indiedb and I can't embed them in this post so here's some images instead:

I'm normally posting this kind of short videos of the progress on tumblr but I'll keep this page up to date whenever I reach some major milestone.

Thanks for reading and have a good time!

This text is somehow making me uneasy. It will be interesting to see what could come out of this!