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Never mind; there was a general bug with the video and audio files. Check out the new version and it should be all good!

Which executable are you using, and on what OS?

Thanks! A little level planning can go a long way!

I love when a game does something that seems to break its own rules; that's how I came up with the idea for the boss. I think a bunch of other entries in this jam did a great job with that sort of thing.

Thank you! I thought about adding music, but I decided to stick with just what the Bitsy editor can provide. I agree: music is so important for establishing a mood.

Thanks! Try switching the Background setting to "solid" in the options menu: that'll change the background to a solid color instead of tiles. I forgot to mention the options in the game description, so I'll update that.

Given this example,, would a very primitive 3D game be acceptable?

Thanks! The triangle-wave music is as much an homage to old DOS and Amiga games as it was a limitation of my own skill. Lemmings is a childhood favorite of mine, so that's probably a subconscious inspiration.

Thanks for the comments, and for catching those bugs! I made this with the most basic resources and a custom engine, so I'm surprised it isn't more buggy, really. I'm using WebAudio to programmatically generate music and sounds, and as I understand it, that's still an "experimental" technology; I need to toy around with it some more to come up with a better, stable implementation.

As much as I want to fix bugs, I've decided to leave this particular version of the game alone: untampered after the end of the jam's time limit. I am planning to make a more full-featured game out of this, with more levels, mechanics, and music, sometime in the near future.

I love the use of the Gameboy color palette. This is just the sort of endless game I could imagine playing to pass a long car ride as a kid. Good work!

I'd love to see this get fleshed out: the movement is really fun! Also, I love a game that can communicate it's controls and mechanics visually. I initially thought to avoid the enemies, but it's so easy to collide with them, I think that part is clear too. Well done!

Very cool! I really like the retro aesthetic and artwork. I'd love to hear what the music for this game would be.

I had fun playing it, and didn't think it was too difficult. Being in the middle of the screen stuck out to me; it feels awkward, especially since the level progresses to the right. I'd like to see the camera offset a little so you can see further ahead, even if it's just as simple as in Super Mario Bros.

I love the mechanic here. I wish I had more time to get better at it and provide some more feedback. I like the visual style, music, and audio; they feel very arcade-like, just as the gameplay does.

I'd like to see a bigger visual difference between the player character and enemies: whether that's just a different color, shape, or something else. I was often unsure of where my character was at any one time. The growing teleportation circle helps a little, but in this type of fast-paced game, it's crucial to be able to identify your position as quickly as possible.

Very Cool! I love the mechanic of protecting the trailing cargo containers as well as yourself.

I think it takes too long to enter the truck stop; when the game moves as quickly as it does, with music to match, the end of the level feels too drawn out. The only bug I noticed was that the shield seemed to be behind the mesh background during the interior segment.

I love the artwork, and I never would have guessed the palette was limited for any reason. I could imagine playing this for hours on end, though I'd like to see more variety to keep it engaging.

I had a few audio issues: one of the sound effects was a little too loud, and the gameover sound came out very distorted and crunchy-sounding, as if the waveform was maxed out and then normalized (I'm not totally sure how to describe it).