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Regarding the Resolution

A topic by Elric Murphy created Aug 08, 2018 Views: 313 Replies: 2
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If I were to scale my screen up to a 320x288 resolution, and then have a 2x zoom on my screen, would that be appropriate?  The entire game would basically be designed as if it were 160x144, just with a zoom during gameplay, because I hate tiny screens.  XD

Rule 2: "Keep the original GameBoy screen resolution of 160px x 144px. You are allowed to scale to viewport, but must keep the aspect ratio."

So yes

moved this topic to General

What about using a smaller resolution with the same ratio ?
I would like to use pico-8, but the max resolution is 128x128. I can clip to 128x115 to keep the same ratio as the original game boy.
Thanks !