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Payment of Games!

A topic by VenHayz created Jun 15, 2016 Views: 594 Replies: 5
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I really love how you can decide how much money you'd like to pay (name your price), but I'm < 18 yrs old, and I cannot buy anything. It makes me want to pay for the game even though it's free. I truly think Steam should have something like this for free-to-play games!

What do you wish Itch/Steam should do? Share any thoughts below!


Well, for what it's worth I'm in a similar situation -- whenever I have a little money in PayPal there are more urgent expenses. And the list of games I'd like to donate to just keeps growing. I don't see what can do, either, other than help promote worthy games the way they already do, so that hopefully they'll be seen by more people with a disposable income.

As for what you can do, may I recommend making collections of the games you like and showing them off on your profile? Then you can point other people at them, and maybe some of them will have the money. Otherwise, it's just hard.


Bug your parents! :D

In all honesty, it's a-okay to be careful with your finances, no matter how old you are. Here are three things you can do to help out developers in other ways:

  • Follow the dev! Whether here or on social media, keep track of what that developer is up to and get hype to play their next game. In our case, our Twitter and Instagram are the go-to pages. Facebook and Youtube also. Our LinkedIn and AngelList pages are a bit more dry but EXTREMELY important when it comes to our future success and fundraising efforts.
  • Sign up for their newsletters! A lot of developers have email newsletters, and in our case we sometimes do giveaways, and anyone signed up gets 20% off our stuff at events.
  • Leave a review! Whether on itch, Steam, GOG, IndieGameStand, or anywhere, let the world know what you think of a game. Let the world know it rocks. Heck, let 'em know if it's buggy. The more reviews a game has, the more customers who find it will know whether or not it's worth playing. If you like a game especially, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LEAVE A REVIEW! Truthfully boosting a game's aggregate score not only helps future customers feel confident about purchasing it, but offsets any troll reviews that may come in as well (and they do happen). Until reviews are weighted by helpfulness, every single one counts equally, and we need your voice to be heard in order for us to be successful.

Can any of you help me figure out how to add games that you've payed for before you got the account?


If you add the email address you used to purchase with to your account, then verify it, your purchases will automatically associate to your account. Tell me if you have any trouble.

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The games were free and I downloaded them

I don't think an email was needed?