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How and who do you decide to follow?

A topic by Caleb Winston created Jul 19, 2018 Views: 435 Replies: 4
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As someone who doesn't have an insanely massive following, I was just kind of wondering - how do you decide to follow a dev?

Do you follow someone who seems really good at make games, someone who consistently make games at a certain quality level, someone who makes games in a genre you like, etc.

Just wondering.


Someone who made several games I'm interested in will get a follow from me, since they're likely to make more. Someone whose taste in games I know will also get a follow because they might rate and collect games that are also to my liking. Friends, too, because friends.

Of course, sometimes it turns out to be a wrong move. If someone floods my feed with stuff I don't care about, well, it's just as easy to unfollow them again. But that's just life.

I follow someone if he has many games that I like or maybe to get updates (devlogs) about a game or software. Sometimes I follow someone only because the dev is so friendly. X D

How do you see who you follow

You can follow me if you like. If you ask me, I like going of by views and the # of users that are playing my game or downloads

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