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Question about the underground "upside down" scene

A topic by dyleburr created 25 days ago Views: 344 Replies: 10
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Was it ever specified if the scene remained upside down the entire time? Halfway through, I remember MC and Asterion wrestling among the sand dunes, and then resting atop one another afterwards.

Did I miss something, or did the two somehow become right-side up partway?


i have no fucking clue, i just thought the stars are made of sand, u know beacsue of stsardust pun


I had a specific idea of what was going on, but I don't think I got the memo across as well as I should. However people started throwing their interpretations and I don't think it's right of me to crash the hammer now and end the fun.

So... Follow your heart, be yourself, trust your instincts :)


That's fair. It'd be cool to see how others interpreted the scene, too. I think I just had some trouble with continuity, but I'll see if I can piece together something more... symbolic. 

Appreciate the response!


I'd love to know how you interpreted it in your mind. 

I can always choose to ignore your reality and substitute my own, after all... 馃槣鈾ワ笍鉂わ笍


Well... There is one thing about that area that gives it more context. In the end we had to cut it, sadly, but iirc the MC notices that there's something a bit further ahead from where they are. I'm thinking of having the MC return there as part of an optional hangout with one of the staff members, in which case the MC would for sure check it out.

I'll say my thoughts clearly if I cannot make that revisit happen. It will be better that way.

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Alright then. Keep your secrets 馃槣

I'd definitely love to return back to that area later in the story, I loved the first scene there! 鉂わ笍鈾ワ笍


i didn't think much of it. i figured our perspective had them be upside down, but from theirs, everything was upside up all the time. kinda like someone on the opposite side of the globe would be upside down in relation to you, but upside up in relation to gravity

That's an interesting way to think about it, what with having the 3rd-person omniscient point of view. Though, I always thought the MC was meant to be a character for self-insertion? The scene does have "you" (the MC) perceiving the space as upside down, at least at first.

Maybe I'm just way overthinking this lol


This MC is in fact supposed to be a self insert. though he is not the narrator, that is revealed in the ruthless route. It's also my own preference to have the protagonist be a separate person from me. I connected a lot more with P because of that, which is why i drew myself this peacock .


Just thought I'd put it out here: the interpretation I've personally come to is that MC's perception is altered (upside down) when first entering the space, and his vision begins adjusting when Asterion first kneels down in  the sand. The esoteric nature of the place helps support this idea, but I'm totally open to discussion 馃槄