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Just thought I'd put it out here: the interpretation I've personally come to is that MC's perception is altered (upside down) when first entering the space, and his vision begins adjusting when Asterion first kneels down in  the sand. The esoteric nature of the place helps support this idea, but I'm totally open to discussion 😅

That's an interesting way to think about it, what with having the 3rd-person omniscient point of view. Though, I always thought the MC was meant to be a character for self-insertion? The scene does have "you" (the MC) perceiving the space as upside down, at least at first.

Maybe I'm just way overthinking this lol

That's fair. It'd be cool to see how others interpreted the scene, too. I think I just had some trouble with continuity, but I'll see if I can piece together something more... symbolic. 

Appreciate the response!

Was it ever specified if the scene remained upside down the entire time? Halfway through, I remember MC and Asterion wrestling among the sand dunes, and then resting atop one another afterwards.

Did I miss something, or did the two somehow become right-side up partway?