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[Solved] Text Bounds moving around inside Rect Transform

A topic by Hope Erin Phillips created Jun 27, 2018 Views: 77 Replies: 2
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hello! I've noticed a strange behaviour within my dialogue system using Super Text Mesh. It appears that on the initial load of an Object with superTextMeshComponent, the bounding box for the actual text mesh sits higher inside the RectTransform, but on any further text readouts it settles down to where it normally sits.

Is their either a known reason why I'm seeing this behaviour or, in the case that it's accidentally being caused through something in my system, is there a variable i can target in STM to make sure the mesh always sits in the same place in the RectTransform?




If your text is middle/lower anchor aligned, this bug is the same one as this: (near the end of the thread)

I've already fixed the alignment changing as text reads out for those anchor points, but I'm still in the middle of making the text react to being cut off correctly in those scenarios. If you want the current beta, send me an email thru my website/the asset store page! Otherwise, if you set the text's anchor to top left/right/middle, this bug shouldn't happen.

Ah! I read that other thread a lil while ago before it was reopened for the same issue so sorry I didn't catch it! Setting RectTransform of the text to TopLeft instead of MiddleLeft did the trick, and actually makes my life easier for adjusting padding etc in code. 

Thanks for the speedy reply!