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Hope Erin Phillips

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Cool thank you! I suppose for now Ill look into disabling Rebuild() from OnEnable() and see if I need it or not in my use.

So I've implemented STM and this is my first time using it and I really like it! But today when I went to do some profiling and debugging I noticed that I was getting quite considerable spikes dropping FR down past 60 on really low intensity scenes (its a VN so really just text boxes). On further inspection I see that when activating and deactivating objects that have a super text mesh component, SuperTextMesh.Rebuild() & SuperTextMesh.set_text() creates a significant lil chunk in my garbage collection allocation.

I was wondering if this is normal behaviour and/or if there is a way to lessen this? I'm still new to optimizing garbage collection so it worries me to have < 60 fps spikes this early in production from just my dialogue system.

Thanks in advance!