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PICO-8 version brought me here

A topic by gli created May 13, 2016 Views: 757 Replies: 4
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good work on that one. going to try the remake now

PICO-8 original is very easy (finished on second attempt), but the beta remake is much, much more difficult (have not been able to complete it on Normal difficulty as of yet). Any strategies for late game where the experience rate (and number of monsters in a group) drops precipitously?


Yes late game is currently too difficult. Pico8 version is the opposite. I need to find a good balance between these two versions.

Hi ! I also discovered the game on pico-8. I thought there was a good potential, but actually it's even better than I imagined !
I like that additional characters and the merchant allow to better control the gold income and thus the level progression of the heroes. Getting gold on lower levels becomes more interesting because it can be spent on merchants.
This motivates the player to clean a level instead of rushing, which adds variety. The prisoners system does that well too.
I love the battle against Archeos, it's very dynamic, and there's reason to keep finding keys until the end.

I was also glad to discover this was being made into a larger game! I stumbled onto Pico8 through the PocketCHIP, and then got horribly addicted to ToA. I'm also hoping this makes it's way to Android eventually, as it would be an excellent touch-based game. In the mean time, I'm happy to confirm that it works great on a HP Stream 7 (got one of those tablets cheap a year or so ago) running Windows 10. Looks great when run at full screen. (Specs on the device, which runs at 1280x800 :

There's one thing that would help touch controls a little -- if there was an option to set a double-tap to kill monsters instead of the default single one. With touch the only way to get info on a selected monster group right now is to "right-click", or tap and hold. Maybe it's just a personal preference, but I think it would work better if it was a single tap to select and a double to clear. With a mouse (and hover), it makes sense to keep it as is, but touch has a different feel.

Thanks so much for developing this game! I'm also a fan of Stray Shot and Underworld Siege, among others. Would love to see some of those get developed further too!