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Thanks! I'll keep that in mind for the sequel ;)

When you have chosen Easy game mode, there's a button that says "Start Game". Click that button to start the game. In the game there's a help menu that explains how the game works. Have fun!

There should be a title screen, and if you click it should open the main menu. From there, click the arrows to choose your game mode (easy recomended).

It's not just you: uinfortunately, the game does not encourage diversification enough. Worse still, some tech paths are just far from optimal.
I have stopped updating this game years ago, but I've worked on a sequel that greatly improves on the flaws you noted (i.e. there's a progress bar that gives a rough estimate of when the next enemy wave comes). Waiting for when I'll be able to afford an art designer.
Long is the journey until the concept reaches its full potential, and feedback is vital to adjust the heading, so thanks :)

The concept is really nice, but I can't play because the "tap and hold" controls are unresponsive 9 times out of 10. Also there really needs to be some mouse-over popup to explain the symbols without needing to open the help.

Wow can't believe how amazing is the art, especially the music and voices ! Overall smooth and fun experience !

Things I wish there was:

- a way to see pieces that are behind other pieces

- where are other pieces when I move a piece too far

Solid game concept! I'm looking forward to seeing what you build around it :)

One of my favorite games of 2018 so far. Really inventive and inspiring.

Thanks ! Well there's a beta, closed for the moment (maybe I should open it ?). Check your emails in a couple minutes ;)

Hi ! I'm using your art in a commercial game that should be out soon on kongregate. I tried to email you to give more details but your adress doesn't seem to be working (yes I replaced the [at]).

Hi ! I'm a solo dev looking for sound for a commercial game in the making. Just listened to your sound pack. Even though I won't use it, because it's a little too heavy in tone for my game, I wanted to say I love it ! Return Home, especially, would fit amazingly with an emotional scene/chapter. Kudos ! I'll have to check your soundcloud :)

Yes ! That's it ! Oh how could I miss it ! Thanks !

Hi !  Did you see my reply ? Please let me know if you notice anything that could cause this bug. Thanks !

Thanks for the interest ! I appreciate it !

There is the game :

I use relative paths for all my files.

In fact, the images that fail to load are always the same 4. Moreover, they are part of a series of 10 images that are very similar in all aspects, and the others load fine.

The images are sorted in an object called 'allImages'. The keys of the images that fail to load are :


yellow 1

yellow 2

yellow 3

The console also indicates that failed to load. I'm pretty sure it's an element added by, but don't think it's a big deal.

Today I've been looking for a way to get more information from an error Event. If you know how, I can add it to the code, but for now, I don't think I can get more information from the console.

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Hi !

I'm making an HTML5 game. The game has a lot of files and loads around 220 images. Until recently, it worked, but now 4 of the images fail to load (their .complete flag is 'true' but .onload() never triggers, and an exception triggers when trying to draw, which indicates that the loading failed).

So I changed the program so it detects the images that fail to load and retries to load them. The images still don't load.

Any idea what's happening ?


I would love to someday make a sequel that scales from Prehistoric Era to a Future Era ! But as for Spin 2, it will be much more modest. The reason is to keep the size of the project manageable for a single programmer, and to test new ideas. A small game delivered is better than a big game unfinished.

Also, considering the immense number of civilizations that could be featured, Spin 2 will probably only feature new ones, for the sake of variety. So Egypt, possible, but Palawa, unlikely.

I enjoyed making this game, so I'll probably do Spin 2 eventually, but I'm currently working on another game in order to raise funds for Spin 2. If you know other people who might enjoy Spin-vilization, you can help by telling them about it. You can also directly advance the project by donating. And anyway, thanks for your words of support :)

That'd be cool ! Maybe in the sequel, if it manages to be done :)

Sure :)

Focus on 1 way to sustain your population. Don't diversify too much.

If you only know a few combos, focus on discovering more. If you already know a lot of them, focus on getting what will be useful in the current situation.

Don't forget to use the recycle button. It can really be useful sometimes.

The in-game help has other tips, as well as rule details.

Sorry ! I would contradict my design choice if I did that.

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No new bug or problem has been brought to my attention since last update. So I just uploaded the game on this page as it was. No preset update now, but there is additional content to be added if the game reaches specific milestones, like a 3 rating on kong :)

In the current design, combos and innovations are revealed little by little. Once discovered, a combo and the innovation it leads to can be checked at leisure in the Combo Codex (last choice in the main menu). It might change to a more open system in future versions.

Civilization meets slot machines in this unique game with hours of content !

Your goal is to evolve a tribe from a handful of prehistoric hunters into a thriving advanced civilization. You will need to manage food and happiness in order to maintain your population.

The game has multiple levels of difficulty and additional setups, along with an autosave feature, and more.

Have fun !

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Other quest bugs :

'No element on the bottom lane' : completed after failing. I think it was meant to use Evil Roots, but it automatically completed after I lost a game.
'Having a hero equipped with Armor, Helmet and Shield' : completed just after checking it in the new quests, while my only character was a Knight with Armor, Ice Rod and Shield (no Helmet).
'4 consecutive hits with Boomerang' : I did 4 hits in a row with the same character, but dropped the Boomerang after the 4th hit. Quest was not completed. On another try,  hit 4 times and recovered the Boomerang : quest completed.
'Kill Archeos' : does not complete either (tried twice) !!

- 'Having a hero equipped with Torch, Map and Compass' : completed when I freed the Knight with the Assassin !

- 'Having at least 6 Meat on the screen' has a Key icon.

The tally counting for "Kill X [monster type]" quests sometimes resets for no reason.

Also, Scroungers never steal Meat (I'm not complaining about that one :)

Grilled meat quest doesn't work. I kill a minotaur, grill the meat with Inferno, eat it : no achievement.

The trial version does not work since I unlocked the Thief in the full version. I wanted to compare the versions, especially to check if the trial version shows the exact number of gold you need to level up.

When there are multiple characters and one of them levels up, the amount of gold he has is not correctly shown until it's his turn again.

Hi ! I also discovered the game on pico-8. I thought there was a good potential, but actually it's even better than I imagined !
I like that additional characters and the merchant allow to better control the gold income and thus the level progression of the heroes. Getting gold on lower levels becomes more interesting because it can be spent on merchants.
This motivates the player to clean a level instead of rushing, which adds variety. The prisoners system does that well too.
I love the battle against Archeos, it's very dynamic, and there's reason to keep finding keys until the end.

Typos :

The king is thankfull to your party and decide to gift you with this land -> The king is thankful to your party and decides to gift you with this land

quests availables -> quests available

In the final fight with Archeos, a character dies (Archer in the 3rd slot). The victory text is :

"You defeated the evil Archeos !
The king is thankfull blabla"

Bugs/others :

Maybe it's just me, but I can't make sense of the quest system. Sometimes, it awards me a task that is not even in my list. Sometimes, I think it displayed the award message for a different task that the one I solved, but when I checked the auest tab, the good one was darkened. By the way, having uncomplete quests bright and completed quests dark seems weird. I think the standard is the opposite. An example that comes to mind is the Achievement system in WoW, and you can believe Blizzard know their business.

- the Torch kills a monster in ice without melting it ??

- view high scores : no back button ?? no way to go back to the main menu

- Sandals still seem quite useless, or even detrimental (more higher level enemies)

Just got the demo.Easy mode was easy to beat, Normal too, but I was stuck for 4-5 games on Hard. Then I passed it, and passed Insane on the next try (sacrificed a guy to win that one). I don't intend to try God.

Experience on the pico-8 version did help a lot. My winning strategy is : taking the Adventurer and use his key detection to rush. Stop to free prisoners. If a hero has enough life, spend extra money any time possible to avoid unnecessary levelling. Taking armor anytime possible (armor is much more balanced than in the pico-8 version, but still good).