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version 0.96

on the first level, i attacked a solitary fairy to move it. instead it disappeared and a coin purse appeared. i clicked on the coin purse and received the gold. the golem above then rolled into the space, then the fairy reappeared in the same spot, on top of the golem. i could then select the golems as a group around that golem, or the fairy itself, but not the golem behind the fairy.


Replied to MadWlad in Bug reports

same issue here - got the 'swap item' arrows and settings dialog stuck on the screen.


PICO-8 original is very easy (finished on second attempt), but the beta remake is much, much more difficult (have not been able to complete it on Normal difficulty as of yet). Any strategies for late game where the experience rate (and number of monsters in a group) drops precipitously?

Created a new topic PICO-8 version brought me here

good work on that one. going to try the remake now