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doesn't look like you care about this game anymore, but in case someday you do:

*sometimes the gold/experience bar doesn't clear after attaining a new level - you have to get more gold on your next turn in order to clear it

*a solitary frozen wolf does the same damage as (an unfrozen) wolf in a pack.

*if a prisoner/dungeon door is picked up by a harpy, the percentage left to clear to free the prisoner disappears when it is placed down

*happened once: completed game with thief, but it showed the assassin in the high score screen instead

I used the Wizard's "Inferno" spell on the zombie just to the right of Archeos' head. There was a brief flame effect, but no creatures on the row were burned. Now, I'm unable to take any action at all - no attack or spells... no menu, anything. Neither mouse nor keys will affect any in-game action anymore. I can make the game window full screen or windowed, and that's it.

version 0.96

on the first level, i attacked a solitary fairy to move it. instead it disappeared and a coin purse appeared. i clicked on the coin purse and received the gold. the golem above then rolled into the space, then the fairy reappeared in the same spot, on top of the golem. i could then select the golems as a group around that golem, or the fairy itself, but not the golem behind the fairy.

same issue here - got the 'swap item' arrows and settings dialog stuck on the screen.

PICO-8 original is very easy (finished on second attempt), but the beta remake is much, much more difficult (have not been able to complete it on Normal difficulty as of yet). Any strategies for late game where the experience rate (and number of monsters in a group) drops precipitously?

good work on that one. going to try the remake now