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How do I remove the link to my community profile from my itch page? {CSS}

A topic by Harmony Honey created May 03, 2018 Views: 819 Replies: 4
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How do I remove the link to my community profile from my itch page?

For example on Andrew Brophy's page, there is no link to his community profile. However on my page, there is a link to my community profile just above the twitter link. I am curious as to how to hide this? I just want to clean up my  page, and I think that it would look nicer with this link removed. Any response will be greatly appreciated!


That link appears if you've participated in the community at all by leaving comments or posting in forums. I added individual selectors to each link so you can target them specifically with css now, tell me if you need help doing that.

Awesome! Also yes I would need a bit of help. What did you name these selectors? Once I know the name of this selector, would I just write display: none; to hide it? Thank you!


`Display: none` would do it, yes. And you can find out the class with right click->Inspect Element. The bad news is, all three links have the same class, "link_group for_nil". But you can target the one to your profile with `div.user_links link_group:first`. So in the end:

div.user_links link_group:first { Display: none; }

Beware, I haven't tested the code. Hope this helps!

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Yeah I noticed they both had the same class, so I was stumped there. Unfortunately the code snippet you provided isn't working, but I figured out a solution though! Thanks!

.link_group:first-child {    display: none; }
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