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That link appears if you've participated in the community at all by leaving comments or posting in forums. I added individual selectors to each link so you can target them specifically with css now, tell me if you need help doing that.

Awesome! Also yes I would need a bit of help. What did you name these selectors? Once I know the name of this selector, would I just write display: none; to hide it? Thank you!


`Display: none` would do it, yes. And you can find out the class with right click->Inspect Element. The bad news is, all three links have the same class, "link_group for_nil". But you can target the one to your profile with `div.user_links link_group:first`. So in the end:

div.user_links link_group:first { Display: none; }

Beware, I haven't tested the code. Hope this helps!

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Yeah I noticed they both had the same class, so I was stumped there. Unfortunately the code snippet you provided isn't working, but I figured out a solution though! Thanks!

.link_group:first-child {    display: none; }