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Questions and suggestions about the end of the game, made by fans, Spoilers?

A topic by SayEntre created 21 days ago Views: 351 Replies: 16
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I don't know about you guys but, I'm still playing at the moment i'm posting this, but I feel like I should. Some of Asterion's lines are making me worried that he's turning to stone, I wonder if he's really going to turn stone and die that way?
Because if he's really going to die that way, I'd accept that, but I'd rather have some way of sending his soul to hades hell, at the same time I think the new hell would make more sense at first for the demon lawyer to take over his case and, only after we win against these terrible gods,   we could send him to Pás for the reunion with Hades and his friends.
I also have desires for a route where we can grow old together, and only then put an end to everything, I want him to enjoy a little happiness after all that he's been through, and I'm afraid another master will take my place, a bad master like that old man...

I would also like a route where we forgive and somehow we adopt the snake man inside the hotel, so that they make peace between him and Asterion, I am desenovlvendo epathy for the snake man too...

But in the end I just wanted to know if there is any plan to finish this amazing game, this story that we shared together, something that is good for Asterion, a definitive happy ending.

Anyway, thank you very much, business partner SayEntre hanging up!


This project is still going. it doesn't update as often as others but it has never been abandoned. There's a very recent dev log stating that after next update's hinterlands expansion, the update after that will continue the history from chapter 19. Argos has been confirmed as a potential guest to the hotel. But the old man might not be who you think it is. Still, Asterion should have been dead for thousands of years, becoming stone might just be the best outcome for him.

It may be so, but does making stone mean death? If so I agree, but I can not stop bothering myself thinking that he would be conscious, even turned to stone, suffering immobile for eternity ... These realistic statues haunt me sometimes
Because of the fire scene, where we chose the first colleague in the hotel, between order and chaos, I began to think about what happened to the Gods, because they disappeared, maybe they were finished the people who believed in them, and simply disappeared, or maybe they are alive for eternity, trapped in an infinite torment, within the sacred relics? Sometimes I think I think too much

well, that is an angle i haven't considered before. i assumed the idea is that he'd turn to stone and his conciousness cease to exist, but if he becomes a living statue then that's far more concerning. as for the gods, i think reading to the end of the current build will give you a better understanding.

Thanks for that, I just finished the game and... MY FRIEND, as it happened thing, I had a day off for myself, I started playing at 9 am, and just stopped for now, I'll tell you... a lot has happened, in many ways, my mind is still recovering, but it was a great experience, I am satisfied with my end, but with the days to come, I will finish the translation with my Asterion, I want so much to tell our secrets to my army ... i mean my employees...

oh u can read the minohotel quest if u want on reddit. Its not canon but a good read if ur  bored on the cliff hanging XD.

The land Asterion is cursed to specifically states that he cannot die. He was even grinded to pieces of beef in the past and was still not dead. Following this logic, turning to stone wouldn't be death either, as I believe his spirit would be in a form of stasis until he turns back to normal.

So, a silly curiosity hit me while in the middle of my second game, is it possible to have Asterion's children? In the history of harvest lab, which occurs in the future, there are many other Minotaurs, is it possible to be descendants of Asterion?

It's possible for Asterion to have children, in theory. The closest example is Storm, his mom was human and we don't know what his dad was but as P stated, his father and grandfather were both peacocks. We also see Khenbish's father, and I can only interpret that his other siblings are boar-like, since he stated that they needed passports (charms) as well. This might be different for each mythical, since Kota did not have parents, instead, he was brought to life through belief like other deities, such as the skinned tapir you find in The Hinterlands. It is not known whether or not Kota still has followers or he simply became mortal? Perhaps that is explained somewhere. 

I'm not completely sure about Asterion's sexuality, but it could be possible if he were to conceive with a women. However, one of the hotel's contracts do not permit Asterion to develop relationships with guests. What that exactly entails in terms of intercouse, I do not know.

The devs highly encourage doing some detective work to find answers to questions like these. Although, I don't really care about finding answers that I don't know are there.

Asterion cannot have children because he himself isn't alive anymore.

Interesting. I did not know that.

So, I have another question that came to me as I lay in bed, mulling over that wonderful scene with Asterion, where the evil dust is expelled from his body, the death necklace is removed, and the star appears on his forehead.  Perhaps it is possible that he returned to live there?  and from there he has a second life to live, with birth and death, which began there, when the unconditional love of the one who had to torture him broke the kingdom that held him, and gave him back freedom, which the Master's love truly guaranteed him , circumventing the rules of the maze.  Could this happen?


What do you mean when you say 'Death'? It's been a bit since I've played through the game so I might have just forgotten about it?...

I've been wondering if that scene in the original labyrinth under the stars where Asterion gets his star back, if that isn't him becoming divine. He is technically a demigod, right?... So perhaps that scene was him redeeming himself for the supposed 'cowardice' at the hands of Theseus?

Eu gostei da maneira que você viu isso e, realmente, faz mais sentido ele ter voltado a ser divido do que minha interpretação, Asterion é um semideus afinal... Eu estou ansioso pra descobrir um jeito de liberar ele do labirinto, então é possível que tenha me deixado levar com essa ideia e distorcido um pouco minha visão, obrigado pelo conselho


I understand what you meant by death necklace, you were talking about the thing around his neck?... I am not sure if that was literal or a metaphor for something...

I also want to find a way to free Asterion from the labyrinth ❤️♥️

He deserves his freedom, (with or without the main character, if that's what he decides)

Eu entendo o que você quis dizer com colar da morte, você estava falando sobre a coisa em volta do pescoço?... Não tenho certeza se isso era literal ou uma metáfora para algo...

Eu também quero encontrar uma maneira de libertar Asterion do labirinto ❤️♥️

Ele merece sua liberdade, (com ou sem o personagem principal, se for o que ele decidir)

Sim, a coisa ao redor do pescoço que parecia sempre queimar e lembrar ele de que morreu decepado em Creta

Obrigado, acredito que com as próximas atualizações vamos obter nossas respostas

Duvido que tenhamos respostas para tudo, mas realmente espero que a próxima atualização responda pelo menos algumas das minhas perguntas! ♥️