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Unity and C# give me hives GM -> Unity next?

A topic by theloon created Apr 27, 2018 Views: 591 Replies: 3
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Probably a large Game Maker and Unity audience out there.  Besides the crazy expensive video editing tool interface C# is another gag reflex inducing hurdle.  I could see an audience waiting for a tool that takes Game maker code and translates it into Unity C#.  I'd buy that in a hot second.  

Developer (1 edit)

Compiling less strictly typed code (such as GML) to more strictly typed code (such as C++ or C#) is a lot of trouble if you aren't content with just having everything stored as bulky and slow-ish "anything type". I don't think the amount of work would be justified.

Should check if Arcadia was a compiler or an interpreter

I appreciate the response and leads.  Sucks that they abandoned easier scripting languages.

Is there any gotchas using sfgml when compiling for different targets?  Meaning, say, does it work the same regardless of compiling for PC or HTML5?


All native targets are going to work more or less the same (because they share the source code internally);

HTML5 is a little different because of a few bugs (e.g. arr[1,0] works like arr[1][0] instead of storing extra rows in the same array object) but if you are marking "constructible" classes as @:nativeGen (thus not using the second row for metadata), it'll be largely unaffected.

For several of my extensions I've been using a scheme where native targets are covered by a GML file, and JS targets are covered by building the same project to JS (and updating the extension file definitions as a post-build step). Since GML is compiled to JS too, it can use Haxe-JS values without any issues.