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Doesn't look like the .ZIP file for the Windows version worked.  At least the one since 3:20pm 10.2.2023

Tested with Scorpion Engine experimental build.  Could not get working with the XGM driver used in BasiEgaXorz or SecondBASIC.  Happy to get these .VGM songs on a real Genesis at all :)

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This is amazing.  Already "ported" 2 of my homebrews with no emulation issues.  My dumb brain can't figure out making a new VMU image.  Any paint program I use curses the image file and it doesn't show properly.  Thank you for your work!  I have not tried the versions posted on Itch yet.  But, pretty sure it's me missing something.

A simple how to video would be very much appreciated.  As it is loading MIDI files is hit or miss.  Clicking generate doesn't seem to change the music at all.  Pretty sure most of it stems from my lack of knowledge on how to use the software.

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Just purchased DitherDragon.  Decided to support this project instead of waiting until you can load custom palettes.  At least for me on Win 10 I can never slide the resolution back to 100 percent using the mouse.  Is there another method to control the resolution level?  This happens most often with larger tile/sprite sheets like 640x480 on up.

Looking forward to it.   The tools I use are very picky about the palette I use so using only lospec isn't an option.

Wasn't clear if you can apply your own custom palettes.  My biggest nightmare is making paid assets conform to a specific set of 15 + transparency colors for the sega genesis.  Existing tools sometimes get the color wrong but don't let you easily manually specify an alternative.  That feature would put you ahead of everyone else - especially existing free tools.

Sold!  Wishing the best on your move!

Does the bundle / sale include commercial license?  I don't want to second guess whether I can sell a game due to asset licenses after the fact.

Mention of the NES and Atari (2600?) is quite a tease.  There are very few options for the NES in higher level languages.

Will be keeping an eye on this!  I wonder if you could use a combination of GBDK and BCX.  Basically (ha!) using the C compiler and libraries already available with the power of BCX to translate BASIC to C.

I really appreciate that.  Feels like reverse breakout/arkanoid might be a valid sub-genre with feedback like this!  Hollar back if you have any suggestions or systems you'd like to see Upp! on :)

Looks like /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu.  Not sure what LD_LIBRARY_PATH is.  

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Made sure that imagemagick is installed and updated in Linux Mint 21 but I get this error:  blasted: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.  Doesn't sound like a bug but probably a Linux newbie gotcha.  Thought I'd bring it up in case there's an easy solution for begginers.

Thanks for the explanation.  I found a YouTube video and even something on Twitter that demonstrated actual use.  I'll keep a lookout for more videos like that as I feel I'm missing something.  Are there plans for tiles other than for buildings/machines?  I suspect with the right parts you could make Chibi looking characters/monsters.

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It's not immediately apparent how working in grayscale is advantageous to the end user.  For instance: in my use case I have a particular set of 15 + transparency colors I must use.  it seems like I'd have to export the grayscale result, convert it to 15 shades of gray then manually re-color every pixel.  That being said I think this could be very cool! I'd rather "pixel bash" than purchase yet another asset pack.

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Looks like I had an older version of Imagemagick.  Don't know if it was an incompatibility or things weren't registered correctly.  In either case installing the newest Imagemagick worked.  Thanks again!

Thank you for the Windows port!  When I try running in Win 10 64-bit I get:  The procedure entry point ?quantumRed@Color@Magick@@QEBAMXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Home\Downloads\BlastEd-0.0.48_x64.exe.

Most of my compilers and tools for genesis are Windows so a Windows version would be very handy.  My nightmare is trying to properly register the 16 colors of my images (in other tools).  Also, tools incorrectly quantizing imported images (i.e. picking a purple color for water when I have a blue color in the palette).

I hope you offer more .vgm format compositions.  I've got several genesis games brewing and it's rather hard to find music :)

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My major problem is making assets conform to my preferred 15 + transparency palette.  Can you take an asset and force it to use a custom set of colors?  This of course means being able to import your own palette.

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Any differences from the offline version 0.14.0 on the original developers web site?

Better joystick control.  Right now I can't jump or fire with the joystick.  I tend to buy games that say "Full Joystick Support" on Steam.

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The most direct ways are pretty bad right now.  I heard FL Studio has export macros for MIDI.  You could save as .MID then hunt down midi_to_dmf.exe to import into Deflemask.  Once a Deflemask project you could export to .VGM.  Another method would be to use loopMIDI or LoopBe1 to output the .MID file to a virtual MIDI device that plays back in Deflemask.  For that matter, any tracker that has MIDI controller input.  I don't blame you if it sounds too frustrating and hack-ey :)

Any chance for a .VGM or .XGM download?  I'd love to use these in actual megadrive homebrew!

A BASIC compiler for Coleco has long been a niche that needed filling.  Hopefully the Sega Master System becomes low hanging fruit :)

Thanks!  It's actually a very old game that I released as public instead of as an incentive.  Somehow the gift code stopped working for one fella.  It gets very hectic fast.  As a side congrats on your new game The Tribulation Entanglement.  Your skills are surging! 

Not sure why that's happening.  Was supposed to be a thank you for donating towards my homebrew efforts.  I've made the Shoot More Blocks download public and pay-what-you-want like all my games here.

This is appearing in the Game Dev tool section and not the asset section for me.  Probably get more traction in the asset section.  Also, should let people know what license this is under.  If GPL is too confusing try looking up Creative Commons for some good, clear ones.

Probably get more traction by putting these in the assets category.  Most people clicking the game development section are looking for tools.

Did anyone figure out the tiles/characters/bitmap used?

Totally!  The end goal is a procedural top down shooter where I mix and match tiles for everything.  Mix and match ship parts.  Mix and match backgrounds.  Even weapons.  Mr Potato head style :)

I'm hankering to make a top down space shooter.  This sprite set almost does it.. but, is there any chance for a separate top down shooter asset pack?  Think  Zanac, Alpha Mission, Recca, etc..

Is the Famitracker versions of each sound included?  This would be much more enticing if it could be used in NES Maker games.

Should set AUDV0 and AUDV1 to 0 when displaying the game over screen.  I've noticed that sometimes a sound gets stuck playing indefinitely if dying while a sound is playing.

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My experience tells me sound effects may be possible but you really, really don't want to attempt a soundtrack.  Everything on the Atari 2600 is a tradeoff due to limited ROM, RAM and CPU time.  In other words: the more features you want to add the less existing effects are possible.  You might have to re-write the engine to fit just one more feature.

 MIDI export would be a great first step.  I know there are MIDI to VGM converters out there.  Thank you for your consideration :)

Hey!  This is exactly the music composition interface that I love.  Any chance for .VGM (Mega Drive) or Famitracker (NES) export?  I'd love to make chiptunes and put them in my actual NES and Genesis games :)