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You could probably wrap the game ROM with Javatari then use Nativefier to make a Windows executable.

I see Nintendo segregates accounts by region.   I need a license for North America.  Does this purchase include a download code for that region?

3DJS community · Created a new topic Construct 2 support?

Not ever going to rent software like Construct 3.  Any chance for backward compatibility with Construct 2?

Save as MIDI would be nice :)

Doesn't seem to be a download link on this page..?

This looks like a wonderful, easily customizable project management tool! That being said.. I too have no idea how to delete notebooks. Looking for an answer as well :)
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Should explain why the game is $100 instead of the $1-$2 dollars of your other offerings.  I'm sure there's a good reason.  Your random guy off the street might need help figuring it out, though.

I already sent a tweet with your logo as an actual 2600 ROM.  Feel free to use the image for any purpose :)

I do not give you permission to distribute games I publish on  These games are pay what you want.  I have no control over your github page or how much you charge (or not charge).

I *am* open to looking into my portfolio for games that you can distribute.  I'll make sure to message you when that happens :)

Seems to work.  I'll try using this on different combinations of systems and keyboards/mice.  Maybe it doesn't like my current setup.  Thank you for the response!

How do you delete items?  Using the Windows version.  Expecting a button to the side of an item to remove.  Pending that cycling through button presses eventually allows you to change the item text.  Removing all the text reveals the word "DELETE?" but does not allow any way to confirm that you indeed want to remove the item.

I appreciate the response and leads.  Sucks that they abandoned easier scripting languages.

Is there any gotchas using sfgml when compiling for different targets?  Meaning, say, does it work the same regardless of compiling for PC or HTML5?

Probably a large Game Maker and Unity audience out there.  Besides the crazy expensive video editing tool interface C# is another gag reflex inducing hurdle.  I could see an audience waiting for a tool that takes Game maker code and translates it into Unity C#.  I'd buy that in a hot second.  

Scripting is a huge missing feature in Construct.  Glad this exists!  One note: Construct 3 is subscription only so some of your customers will be dead set on using Construct 2.  I hope you keep up with updates for 2 :)

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Full disclosure: I was given a preview copy by the developer.  Nevertheless, this is exactly the kind of fun I'd pay for.  Pre NES games were all about skill over volume of content.  Getting your character to the opposite screen is no joke.  The context for your sojourn isn't clear enough just by running the game so please check out his manual/instructions.  Also, the FIRE button is used as PAUSE.   Probably needs to be moved to the SELECT switch on the console to be comfortable for old school enthusiasts.  I could see future improvements such as more gameplay variations, more colorful sprites and backgrounds, etc.  Maybe this is just wishful thinking for a sequel.   On its own this is a great start and a great indicator of things to come!

Confirmed selecting Oculus no longer crashes to desktop on v2.  Thank you!

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3DNES seems to reset the some settings which should be global such as controller and default viewing mode.  This means two things: when you launch 3DNES expect to reconfigure the input back to joystick and re-auto detect the Xbox One controller.  Another thing to note is that input and viewing settings seem to be baked into the settings per ROM.  Meaning, when you choose a game it seems to override whatever settings you have.  This is problematic when opening a completely new game.  This is just what I guess is going on.  Again, this is an awesome product and I'm overjoyed to have it in my library!

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1.4 still crashes when you select oculus.  Using a retail Oculus Rift, GTX 1080, 16gb RAM on an AMD 8 core system.   The emulator doesn't seem to keep default joystick settings.  OpenVR works - though for some reason I have to turn away from the monitor to see the "screen".    I LOVE THIS EMULATOR!!!  Not being sarcastic.  Keep it up!  Oh, I have no idea what email to send the crash logs to.

But, what is this?  What does it do?

You're on to something here.  MIDI export would actually be more versatile.    FOr instance: I could use your program to compose then go MIDI -> .VGM -> .XGM   Basically, MIDI converts to so many other formats I can use it in my sega genesis games :)

Got a let's play of one of the demos right here:  

Thanks!  Sort of a new take on the arkanoid / breakout genre.  What if YOU had to work around the ball instead of control it?

Obviously a lot of care went into Nakawak. Unlike most “retro” titles the content here pays respect to told consoles as opposed to glaringly overextending their limits. On the flip side I’d rather play this then deal with an original gameboys blurry screen. Since Metroid II part 2 ain’t coming out anytime soon this may be of interest.

Not sure if your feedback is clear. What is "not cool"?

Bought the physical cartridge release. Way, WAY more polish than you'd expect from such a simple premise!