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Would it be possible to access previous builds of the game?

A topic by maegarcia created 15 days ago Views: 109 Replies: 6
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I'm gonna be honest and just admit that I'm obsessed with this game. I've played it back to back as every single background, tried every single combination of guests possible and seen their interactions with every group scene and project scene I could think of. I've done my best to see all the content except going codediving.

I really would like being able to read the previous builds and see how the game has changed over time, especially since I know there was quite a change of tone at one point where it was decided the story should be more serious.

Is there any way I could do that or are previous builds just gone forever?

That reminds me.  Someone seemed to be claiming Asterion used to have a different design.

Why they would be bringing it up now instead of whatever year that supposedly happened... well maybe they hadn't played in a really long time, but it would be nice to be able to check if they aren't just imagining it like I think they are.

It's not that he had a different design, it's just that characters occasionally get redrawn because the old art was very low res and makes their sprites blurry (for example, Khenbish just got his sprites updated in the last patch). In Asterion's bashful expression he used to have a blush in the older version but in one of the redraws it was removed. The rest is essentially the same.

The only one I've seen so far have an actual design change was Kota, as he is very different in the new version.

Something about him looking less like a cow before.  No clue what they were talking about.

yeah, i remember that conversation. my conclusion is that they meant for asterion to stay similar to his scrawny sprite you meet early on, cause i think i joined the VN either on build 1 or 2 and there wasn't really any major changes to sprites besides kota


I can arrange that, I suppose.

What OS do you use, and do you want all of them or is there a build you want in particular?

I'm on Windows. If it's not too much trouble I'd love having all of them! Really wanna see the evolution of the game and the changes each build brought.

Thank you so much!