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Game assets disappeared from the

A topic by Free Game Assets (GUI, Sprite, Tilesets) created Apr 12, 2018 Views: 159 Replies: 5
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Hello, all our game assets disappeared from the section. What it can be connected with?



All of them? Old, new, paid and free alike? How far back did you look? How close to the top were they showing up until now? And speaking of which, when did that happen?

 checked the recent additions in the "Recently added" section. After I started checking through the search. I entered the names (headers) of many sets. Also, analytics shows a sharp decline in views and downloads. It's very sad, I spent many days to add so many sets of graphics. :(


Hey, sorry for not seeing your post sooner. Your account got flagged from the large number of pages that were created. Are you the creator of these assets? If you're redistributing assets from other creators (even if they are free elsewhere), it is against our terms. Thanks

All assets are created by our team.

Thanks for unlocking. Our team will continue to publish useful assets. Many of them will be free!