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Installing "mods" though

A topic by FRACTiLE Games created Apr 02, 2018 Views: 360 Replies: 3
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I'm planning to set up a "mod" with minimum price that would enable additional features in my game.  Will the Itch app automatically install the additional file(s) to game directory, if the user has purchased the game with high enough price?

I tried uploading a test file set up as "mod", but it was only listed as downloadable file and didn't show up in Itch app at all.  This would mean that the user would have manually save it in the right game directory. I hope that's not the case..

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I feel kinda of sad because currently the itch app doesn't properly install mods. For instance, my games are foss, so is expected that different people make different versions of them. E.g. Moon Cheeser got modded as but from the itch app it installs...some weird files (maybe something butler generates for mods to point to the original, dunno) but we can't play the mod by itself.

So would be very nice if the itch app actually allowed mods to be "self contained" providing someway to install them independently.


I guess my best option  is to package two different versions of the whole game, one with the mod files and one without them. I can then set the minimum price for the version with the mod files and if user has access to both versions, Itch app will (hopefully) ask which version to install.

Is there any more info/guidance on this - my main app is a fantasy console - a user game is basically just a folder with a few js files and a png.

To run it, the main app's exe should be run with a command line pointing it at the game cart (folder)

I also plan to distribute a free "run only" version of the app, that lacks the editing tools, but can just run carts.


User buys/downloads mod.  This gets extracted by the app/user


User runs the mod, which launches the game. (or runs the app with presents a menu of downloaded mods)

What do I need to do to allow the downloaded mod to associate itself with the main (or free) app, and is there a clean way for the main/free app to enumerate the downloaded mods?

Ideally the mod itself should be entirely cross platform, rather than having to build/distribute a separate version per platform.