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I'm #notatGDC, but all my friends are

A topic by SteamedBunnies created Mar 23, 2018 Views: 66 Replies: 2
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I'm a game design major at RPI, so a lot of my friends went to GDC, but I'm still here! I'm still trying to find my niche a little bit, so I've made quite a few games in different platforms. I'm working on a VR sim right now, but the game I've linked is something I made in Twine last year for class that I'm still proud of.

 I worked on Cosmo for the Global Game Jam this year, which was shown at GDC for about ten minutes, so at least I have that. I also most recently worked on WingQuest for a jam on itch that I made in RPGMaker 2003, which was really fun to learn, and I'm super proud of how it looks!! Please check them out, I'd really appreciate it! :V


Thanks for sharing your game, sorry I didn't get a chance to check your post earlier. I got a little busy last 2 days so I'm going to keep the Not At GDC collection up on the homepage a bit longer. In any case, I put it up there. Thanks for sharing.

D'oh, I wish I'd seen these "#NotAtGDC" posts. We weren't either, mainly because we're gearing up for PAX.

Also money.