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A topic by Emoo12 created Apr 28, 2022 Views: 316 Replies: 5
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Hi there,

This is Eman Abdo, an English to Arabic video games translator. I am looking forward to collaborating with some fellow Arabic translators. 

Thank you!

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Hi Emoo! One note: please be advised that the font currently used in the game does not support Arabic. ☹️
In order to participate in the contest, you will need to take the source files and recompile the game with a different font
It shouldn't be too hard if you know what you are doing, but you will need some programming knowledge within the team
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you for clarifying! Yes. I am aware of that and willing to participate ☺️

Hi Emoo12! If you want to start preparing, these are the technical specs for Unity. Also, please do give me a shout if you want your Arab-compatible version and I'll add it to the page when it's ready.

OPENING THE PROJECT IN UNITY - Use unity version 2020.3

- Download it from here
- Unzip the source folder, and open as a project in unity 2020.3
- The game was created with PowerQuest, so when testing and editing the game, you should open the PowerQuest window.
- Open the interface by clicking "Window -> PowerQuest"
- More information on powerquest is here:

Hi Eman, I'm Mohamad a video game tester with long experience with EA. My translation level is pretty good and would like to collaborate on this task. Also, not sure how to change the font in order to make it work for Arabic!! 

Hi MHAlmualem and Eman,

I'm Mostafa, an AV translator, but I would like to work on this game.  That's my Linkedin: Mostafa Goubail | LinkedIn

let's work on this together!