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Thank you for 4,300 views on Vengeance #notatgdc

A topic by Asi Epshtain created Mar 20, 2018 Views: 215 Replies: 4
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Vengeance is my first independent game, and I'm so very happy it got to four thousand views and change, way above my wildest estimation.
Vengeance records and reflects your actions back at you. Can you beat a game where the opponent is always as skilled as you are?

Hopefully next year I won't be  #notatgdc and I'll be able to show my next, much larger, independent game  - 'Unmoored' in person.
Which, you can guess, will be available on as well, probably before anywhere else.

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Hey Asi, thanks for sharing your game. Did you find through the Github Game Off? Looks like your project was definitely one of the more popular entries, congratulations. (I put it up on the homepage :))

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yeah, this was my first experience with, I got to give you guys props on how comfortable this backend is. Way to go!

Working on my next project now, a much larger indie game 'Unmoored', will probably have a free early access version on for feedback and community outreach. 

Wow, great concept for something so simple. Does the game have an ending?