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Happy that you liked it, thanks.

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yeah, this was my first experience with, I got to give you guys props on how comfortable this backend is. Way to go!

Working on my next project now, a much larger indie game 'Unmoored', will probably have a free early access version on for feedback and community outreach. 


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Vengeance is my first independent game, and I'm so very happy it got to four thousand views and change, way above my wildest estimation.
Vengeance records and reflects your actions back at you. Can you beat a game where the opponent is always as skilled as you are?

Hopefully next year I won't be  #notatgdc and I'll be able to show my next, much larger, independent game  - 'Unmoored' in person.
Which, you can guess, will be available on as well, probably before anywhere else.

Thank you. Happy to hear you liked it. 

Very happy to hear you liked it. 
Choosing when and how to trigger the ending and cue player about it was a major design challenge, I honestly don't think I got it quite right, and I didn't install analytics so I can't see how many people get to it out of total played ( maybe I'll add that next weekend ). 
Still, happy to hear you got to see it and enjoy it, you mention a screenshot, where can I see it?

Hi all, Would appreciate if any of you could take your time to take a look at, rate, and hopefully enjoy my game:

Thank you so much!

Can you beat a game that records and throws back at you everything you try?
Please play and hopefully enjoy my humble contribution.

Thank you.

Did you get to the ending?

Happy you like it.
Curious to hear what areas you think require polish specifically?
Feel free to criticize and suggest.

Thank you very much, I'm happy you liked it.