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Request Features Here! Sticky

A topic by WarpZone created Mar 18, 2018 Views: 190 Replies: 8
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Developer (1 edit)

Feature requests go here.  I may or may not implement any particular feature, but I do read this thread.

Bug reports should go here instead.

Thank you!

3 for me :P

1. a 32bit build
2. shooting with r-stick without RT
3. overheat shoot system: more time the fire pressed, bullets frequency will low down.

Nice game Commander! ...sharing free games is much more funny ;)

Developer (1 edit)

1. Wow.  Good catch on #1.  I used to think I had to choose between supporting old computers and supporting modern ones.  This might be the fastest build I ever pushed to butler!

2: I had thought about doing this, but it's a good sized chunk of code and requires some conceptual work and probably some menu options to keep it from conflicting with what's already there, so it had been on the back-burner.  I guess I'll prioritize it.  Wow, that went a lot faster than I was expecting.  The way it interacts with toggle-fire is a little unintuitive.  I may need to change it so aim-to-fire overrides toggle-fire.  What do you think?

3: This one, I'm less enthusiastic about.  I hate stamina meters and cooldown systems in games where it's not warranted.  You would have to explain why you want this feature and what you think it would add to the game.  I can't think of a justification for it, myself, especially when there's so much more work still to do on the enemies side of the risk/reward equation.

3: this can be applyed without bars,  by making the ship (or the frontal part where are the cannons) become gradually red.
I'd like it becouse adds a lot of strategy (evade, plan the attack according to enemy positition etc), instead of holding shoot all the time without a reason to stop it (quite boring! :P).

This feature has no need to be invasive or ruin the frenzy: the max overheat could be reached after 10 secs, where the cannon can always shoot 5 bullets per second, and a full refresh can take 2 secs.


Making the player think about more things at once is something I'm actively trying to avoid at this point, because in the very near future I intend to add more diverse and complicated sets of things to avoid.  Once all the enemies are in the game, I'll think about adding this or other mechanics that make the shooting less "simple." 

(The same goes for limited ammo, shot charging, overheating, weapon swapping, weapon pickups, weapon upgrades, cooldowns, literally anything that makes the shooting more complicated than the simple spray-and-pray affair it is right now.)

Developer (2 edits)

Although... now that I think about it... I suppose it might be possible to add overheating as a secondary mechanic buried in the options menu.  I'd have to increase the normal bullet damage when it's active to compensate for the fact that the player would be firing fewer shots per minute on average, but in theory there's no reason why it couldn't be totally self-balancing... hmmm...

For example, if 50% downtime is necessary to prevent an overheat, then normal shot damage needs to be doubled for the rest of the gameplay to stay the same... Yeah, that might be generalizable, if I can get the math right.

And of course there would be a bar or a radial indicator or something.  The problem with "stamina bars" isn't the bar.  It's the stamina.

Yuppyyyy!!!!! But the bar is ugly and the player will never look at it because is immersed in the action, better a red gradient of the ship :P

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Nope.  I'm using color very deliberately in this game.  Red glowy things are things that WILL hurt you.

I might do some other visual effect, maybe some kinda green electrity arcing along the guns or something.  But it would just be for effect, not precise enough to time your shots by.  This isn't Dead Space. 

It needs a life bar, too.  Possibly also some other kind of gameplay-related data, at some point.  Maybe I'll do it in the form of a ring around the player's ship or something so you don't have to glance at the corner of the screen.  We'll see.


How's this for the life bar?