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1. Wow.  Good catch on #1.  I used to think I had to choose between supporting old computers and supporting modern ones.  This might be the fastest build I ever pushed to butler!

2: I had thought about doing this, but it's a good sized chunk of code and requires some conceptual work and probably some menu options to keep it from conflicting with what's already there, so it had been on the back-burner.  I guess I'll prioritize it.  Wow, that went a lot faster than I was expecting.  The way it interacts with toggle-fire is a little unintuitive.  I may need to change it so aim-to-fire overrides toggle-fire.  What do you think?

3: This one, I'm less enthusiastic about.  I hate stamina meters and cooldown systems in games where it's not warranted.  You would have to explain why you want this feature and what you think it would add to the game.  I can't think of a justification for it, myself, especially when there's so much more work still to do on the enemies side of the risk/reward equation.