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I have the files...

A topic by sirmilkman created Apr 18, 2022 Views: 251 Replies: 15
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contact me if you want them... 

can i have them?

ill say that your games are nice on Twitter :)

good enough for me here

this doesnt work :(((

You gotta host ’em somewhere that isn’t account-bound.

Chaotic good moment.

A question tho: if you do a minor update to any of this projects how would you distribute the files.

Also heck yeah copyright sucks 


It would be pretty much impossible to update them now. Luckily i have no plans of updating them so that shouldn't matter that much. If i'm gonna turn either one into a bigger scale thing - i'll release the results when its done. If the problem is that the games are too old to run on modern systems - source code is public and can also be shared freely so it'll still be possible to figure something out.

If you know anyone who bought the Bundle for Ukraine, you may have a way to get these files.

Where can I get these? They look like fun

... whats in it for me.......

I can pay you for it

nah how about you just tell me a really good joke

What's the only thing that grows in Seattle?
The Crime Rate!

ok actually made me laugh here password is: ashk6pack