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hell yeah

Thank you!

Thanks for playing! I can see how you dislike the edges. They probably should have had more thought put into them then they did because it's really easy to softlock.

The charm of this is great. Each pop up window is it's own joke and it's gameplay is really simple, but each level feels like it shows something new. Overall amazing game!

Thanks for the feedback we all appreciate it! The border was kinda rushed so it's pretty easy to get stuck., but i found that if you mash space and hold the arrow keys you can sometimes get unstuck. And yes timing your shots over the asteroids spawn is the meta.

Haha yeah the controls are a bit odd. Thanks for playing the game!

This was an interesting idea! The guard flashlight hitboxes seem a bit big

I really love the controls, but also the controls drive me insane

This game is super well made! The mechanics are really fun and every time I think it's out of ideas  it shows a new one.

This is great! The art is wacky, the music fits with the gameplay and the sound effects are fun.

Thank you! That means a ton!

I love everything about this game. It's really fun and has so many mechanics.

This is amazing. The diversity in models for such a short amount of time is impressive and i'm going to hear babies in my nightmares.

This is amazing. The diversity in models for such a short amount of time is impressive and i'm going to hear babies in my nightmares.

this game has both great design and great art. There are so many small details that change a lot gameplay wise. The ghost's sprite when getting hit by the laser is great.

Yo this is really cool! Could you give me a link to the discord? I'd love to join it, but the link you give doesn't work :(

I'm glad you enjoyed it and it helped you feel better! Thanks for playing :)

Oh thanks... want to date me??

Man, this blabberf guy makes cool games am I right?

Thanks for enjoying our game :)
I'm glad you liked my music! (I didn't)


I made it to the dragon lord with an op build and took him out 1st turn.

Ok i have just taken the tattoos off of my knuckles and sent them in the mail back to the tattoo artist who put them on. I hope that he can find a way to have them sent back to you. As of the lawyer situation. If you could have them recalled from the pipes that would be very much appreciated.

Does using them as knuckle tattoos count as stealing? If so we have a problem.

Haha! I don't even know myself. I have an empty project called Endless Two so I'd say that it's Endless One, but you can call it whatever.

Woah! Thank you so much for making a video on this, let alone playing my game! That means so much!

Sus Sus

Thanks for the help! 

I'll see what I can do to add that, but no promises. 

I probably could if I knew how music works, but alas I don't.

Awesome! Thank you!

Where can I get this game's soundtrack

thanks pal

I did a dance sang a song and read a poem all while blobs clapped.