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thank you :)

thank you!!! glad you enjoyed :-) i followed you over there earlier because i love your username

oops haha good job finding this i love it!!

Thank you for playing!

Urur gung vf gur vagraqrq fbyhgvba! Gur ovg ba gur yrsg vf n erq ureevat! gunax lbh sbe cynlvat. V erterg qbvat vg yvxr gung n ovg orpnhfr n ybg bs crbcyr whfg gubhtug gurl qvq gur chmmyr jebat :( Bu jryy!

aw man i thought a cube couldnt ever fall on you so i never fixed that!!! thanks for finding it :-) thankfully so far, it doesnt seem too gamebreaking

WOW!!!! AMAZING!!!! 😭😭😭

every time you get under par you are entitled to one (1) warm feeling in your heart :-)
sorry you didnt enjoy it tho :-(

thanks B)

This game is actually soo fun lol. Suuuuuper good use of screenshake

One of my favorite games so far! Probably one of my favorite puzzle games in a while. I like how the levels didnt feel like they had a set intent on how to complete them!

hehe thank you! glad you had fun!!
ive still got a few years left in me until the screenshake becomes too much...

maybe a screenshake slider in a post-jam update

 thank u!!!! B)

10/10 Comment I like comments

because the start the game code is stolen from one of my other games and was added last minute lol sorry

(1 edit)

you can still beat it! it just goes off sometimes, but you can still beat the level!

did you create an account just to post this? respect

ok actually made me laugh here password is: ashk6pack

nah how about you just tell me a really good joke

... whats in it for me.......


The twist ending is great


I am in love with this game. My best so far is J but i come back every hour for 3 more attempts. i cant overstate how good this is wowowow

wtf?? thats crazy good! im impressed!!! also thank you for playing :)

woah! the gameplay change around floor 54 was a cool twist on the formula

how do i get the secret ending


eek! what a scary game!!! i sure got frightened

thanks for the nice words :))

yeah its kiiiinda hard to tell if something damages you lol but i added sprites like in the final 10 minutes so what can i do hehe

anyway thankss

aw thank you so much for the kind review :)

i'll pass your thanks onto skooka

also i miiight have an update in the works that adds a bunch more levels and a few more enemies so stay tuned :))

ok! enjoy!!

yea lemme do that rn

did you play it after the update or did it crash on you? i literally just updated it lol

aw I’m sorry about that. It shouldn’t happen in the windows version if you can download it 

ugh I’m sorry about that. I spent 3 hours trying to fix that ;-; I think it’s an engine bug 

thank you

From what ive found, there's actually a pattern to the symbols and how they correspond to the arrows! I wont share them so you can figure it out tho :)