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Just finished the secret ending. It was a blast although pretty hard. I kinda hope i didn't accidentally skip a part of the route but i think thats the intended way to complete it. Has me really excited for whatever you do next even if unrelated.

PD: I had seen the "fanart" folder but i wasn't sure if i was on the right track so thanks for that. Still gotta find the secret bad ending but ill leave that for later, already spent many hours on this.

Short and sweet, i really had a lot of fun with this and some parts made me laugh out loud. It makes me lowkey nostalgic cause i played a lot of buggy rpg maker games in my past.
Will see what i can do about that super secret ending. 

The main mechanic is quite interesting but the game is still a bit clunky. Also i didn't find out how to beat the second level

Great job overall

Very good game. All about precise timing which isn't really my thing but it was really well done

I didn't know what Ergodic literature was before this.
The whole thing is really cool and sort of redefines what I consider a game


Woah! fantastic that was quick

Likewise thanks for the response, It makes sense it was originally a paper it's a very neat idea, I hadn't noticed the clue button I think

The visuals and the writting is astounding.
I haven't played the other related games and luckily I haven't experienced this kind of opression first hand but the themes resonate with me as I am very much into activism and people I care about have been subject to similar situations.

The gameplay didn't click with me at first, it was confusing and at first it felt like i wasn't using logic to solve the puzzles, as the game went on however I started realizing that maybe  that was the point. When I finally reached the last level I took a look at it and thought "huh? this feels like a tutorial level", then it hit me, the keys in the background, the simple exit, this was it! what seemed impossible was done, even in these horrible conditions people endure for what they believe in. That was how i interpreted it anyways, its hard to properly put what i felt into words tbh.

It all reminded me of something i do when I'm feeling down; there's this decoration in my room that constantly gets tied in ways that seem impossible  to untie but, when i'm dissapointed at life and want to give up, I take a deep breath and start untying it, it's very therapeutic really.

Maybe it's better without it, only you would know, but if I was to suggest a QoL for a more "fun" oriented game, it would be to add an option that allows you to view how a side looks changed before going to the other side to change it as I found myself going from one side to the other just to figure out what to do. Honestly though, this small frustration may have added to the experience personally.

Great game overal!!! Sorry for so much text

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It would be quite nice to be able to play in html5. When I run the executable the intro screen shows up but when I press a button presumably switching scene I'm met with nothing but a grey screen, specifically the color of the default godot background.

Windows 10 home 64 bits

Other than that the Idea is very interesting and gives me Thatgamecompany vibes

When I click share it doesn't seem to actually copy into clipboard (using brave browser)

Just curious cause ren'py is usually called a visual novel engine rather than a interactive fiction one

A bit cluttered visually but it's really impressive you managed to fit a class system. Seems Pretty good for a ruleslight adventure with familiar fantasy vibes. Not sure how it would fare for long adventures since it may get slightly monotone but it has the advantage than you could probably get the dopamine rush from advancement withou needing to spend too much time.

T hanks, funny how I didn't know about that jam: Really nice stuff in the jam, will make sure to check some stuff out. have a nice day!

This was really fun, it's a very solid "survivor" roguelike. If I were to make any changes maybe i would add more synergies and/or something to make it stand out

Is the mine supposed to parallel the casino with how it appears to be a great money maker but is actually really risky. Probably not but still really good game.

*fangame, as far as I saw there's no need for it to be a remake

I may be insane but it appears to me this is in fact, as op pointed out, a topic

Oh also the lumpytouch touch is great as always love the style and the eerieness

Fantastic game. At first it was a bit difficult to figure out what each thing did. If you ever wanted to expand it i would only suggest to make the best choices depend on synergies rather than what's better. That being said its Very fun for its length

Pretty simple and fun

Pretty impressive in art and adding a menu. The main mechanic is interesting and adds some management which makes I liked.

Ahhh, I see, that's a very cool an interesting mechanic. Also yeah, don't worry about the polish, just pointing it out in case you find it helpful. Honestly i don't think i could bring myself to do a game with this much quality in such a short time frame even with a team

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Pretty great jam game. I felt it still needs a certain something to become truly great but it does have potential with all the tricky choices

Btw why is the name "of the dreams" in spanish?

I like how the riddles are about figuring information without much instruction, I also like how information is introduced intuitively. Sadly I really don't think rolling a die really works for this kind of game both because it's relatively easy to get a result by accident or get frustrated because you know the solution and keep not rolling the right number. Some of them could work like the ones with timers.

It kinda hit hard from the description to the ambientation and the few words that are in the game. I'm not sure if my game was bugged or something but i saw no dice even tho there are controls for rolling and locking dice, maybe its symbolic. Whatever the case i feel like I'm missing something either cause I didn't understand, a bug or something you didn't manage to add in time.

Pretty fantastic, presentation-wise it was perfect although there were things like the walking cycle could do some polish. Generally I'm surprised how much you managed to add in time for the jam. I didn't really notice if the results the dice rolled did anything

Not my cup of tea but fantastic for a first game and overall pretty good.

You can save the value of the dice as a variable in an array and take it from there to create a new node when the sprite is clicked.
Otherwise change the condition to place the die so that it happens until you stop holding the mouse down so its not as common to misplace dice

Didn't completely click with me but it's pretty great, nice idea and implementation with the special dice

Pretty fun to toy around, didn't expect it to be 3d.

Great job on this lil' game. Gives me watergirl and lavaboy vibes

Nice! will give it a try!

For more feedback, when i tried it after my last comment (i played on a laptop that has a gpu)
I'm not sure if there was more than just fat birbs dancing cause that's all I saw, they looked pretty good and smooth i think the body sometimes disconnected of the legs tho but thats to be expected

Yeah, it's a really simple game but it was really charming. I'm sure you learned quite and put on plenty effort and hope you continue to grow as a dev.

Thanks for trying the game and the input!

Managed to beat it!!!
Turns out stamina is only checked while running so you can finish the race by jumping and never pass out despite having 0 stamina