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I can''t help but feel this will actually turn my pc into a crypto mine /j

It went pretty well. Better than I expected as I was pretty nervous 

got softlocked on lily's bad end
I liked doing this one

Neat for your first game and I do like the way its themes are presented. The obvious big issue is that clearly this game was only ever playtested by yourself if you thougth 15 seconds was reasonable for the escapisto goal. probably a bit late to point that outlol

Gotta check this one out

Probably cause the author wanted to practice


The description makes it sound very interesting. Sadly however the game is either very broken and unfinished or I'm doing something wrong/getting a bug. Either way pretty cool that you've made any progress at all creating a game and are sharing that progress. Godspeed!

Neat but  too slow to be entertaining

I quite liked it, The minimalism of it all is pretty neat

Cool idea but the it feels like there's a lack of agency and action

Congrats on finishing something, even if just a demo

Fine art

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Character sheet I made for a session im running

awooga. Cringe to enable comments. Exploiting insecurities. Funny snarky remark. 

Honestly really cool and based you did this. Don't really care about legault myself tho

As the saying goes a man's trash is an agender raccon treasure or sth. idk but you're games look really fucking cool

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I technically made this thing before finding out about this jam but I made it today in a sudden rush of motivation and I definitely tried something new. Hope it can inspire other participants to wonder what makes a game, because whether or not you believe this is a game I find many the concept to be at the very least game-adjacent as we're currently seeing more and more games that rely in unconventional storytelling and having players figure out big chunks of information on their own.

Oh sorry I didn't phrase the question properly. I did not mean coding language but a speaking one. Like posting in spanish instead of english

Tamales de soya

really hope this isnt virus

Before playing this game, I wasn't able to enjoy music

use the z key to select

Does this one have the same online feature as the original moirai?

I'm having a field day looking around one word rpgs

This game is canon

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I beat the numbers game and somehow got into it again, beat it and now I'm stuck on the "continue" screen

The collisions make the game dev in me cry. The death screen audio is disgusting. just an uninspired platformer 10/10
Jokes aside the art is good and the ambientation isn't half bad

It's truly outstanding that this game strikes a balance between the spitefulness and still being an "enjoyable" to play in the sense of not feeling like a burden while not sacrificing the message.

Next time you get deathcap save so you can use that save as a way to play it again whenever you want

How far does the content go, I played til the end and then had to wait for the timer to run out, is that all?

Hi, I'm interested. I'm not used to working in rpgmaker but I can probably help with ideas, writting and stuff. I also know some pikel art but i'm still very much a newbie when it comes to that.

Discord invite has expired and i wasn´t able to join

I may be interested. I don't currently have anyone else on my team. I mostly do programming in godot and game design but i've done very basic art in the past out of need. Discord: Batian#1278

Got this by accident lol

Yeah honestly i didn't remember it always teleported you there, but its still a section that was previously inaccessible is what i meant

Yeah the room i talk about is within those 5 options, its 1. It replaces the protagonist house

I forgot to say you should save in the cathedral. You can't escape the devroom unless you do something before hand. I think if you interact with the tree at this point it gives you a hint about needing to go outside the normal bounds of the dev room in more cryptic words. Play around with the teleportation orb in the new cathedral, you'll realise there's a place you haven't been before in this route. This room has something special that no other room has.