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How to switch from demo version to paid version in the itch app?

A topic by Celianna created Mar 11, 2018 Views: 118 Replies: 3
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I made a test page of my game and I downloaded and installed the free demo on the app. Once the demo was installed, I downloaded the paid version (using a key I generated), except the Itch app didn't install it. I can't switch from the demo version to the paid version either when I go to my library in the app.

How do I get the to switch? I want the transition from demo to paid version to go smoothly for my players.

Same here.

I have a game configured like this:
- an embedded demo, 
- a downloadable  demo
- a paid full version
The app will only install the embedded version, even if you registered the full game.

And another one:
- an embedded demo, 
- a paid full version
The app doesn't show any install button, only "buy"...

That doesn't make much sense. I'm pretty sure the app used to let you choose which file to install. If that choice is gone, the app should check the paid version first, then a free demo, and only then the embedded version...



Sorry for the delay for getting back to you. I noticed you said you downloaded but you can't switch to it. How did you download it. The app will let you install one thing for a game, so if you gain access to new files for a game you can uninstall what's currently there, try to download again through the app, and the app will ask you which download you want to install.

A little clunky, but yes, that seemed to do it. I have to uninstall the demo, then the app will ask which file it has to install.

Unfortunately it doesn't help with what I truly wanted, which was to update the demo file with newer files - so that the player could continue using their save file from the demo. I will hope DLC will be coming in the near future!