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Account distributing games with malware

A topic by DANIEL RAIN created Mar 09, 2018 Views: 195 Replies: 6
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This guy is uploading malwares here on Itchio, there's no game in this there's just a bitcoin malware by the name of WUAudit, luckily i almost got rid of it but it's really hard, Admin do something about this user ASAP! i don't want others to get malwares! :I and please! check all the future "games" files before approving them here! P.S this isn't my language.  


I finally managed to get rid of it now, what a pain, one of the worst malwares i have ever seen and i'm dead serious.


Thanks for the report, I brought this to the attention of our admin team.

Thank you very much


You're welcome. For what it's worth, the same person appears to be present on a competing marketplace with the same two games and two more (plus an unlisted one), but not on any social media. A reverse image search failed to locate the screenshots anywhere else.

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I hope that nobody else has downloaded his games.


Thanks for notifying us, we've suspended the account while we investigate. 

Please use the "Report game" button the bottom of the game's page since we are going to see those faster than a post in our community.


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All right, thank you admin, be careful investigating tho, that malware of his was a real pain to deal with trust me, don't click on that "fake game" exe.

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