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Current Progress on my project

A topic by cjheighton created Mar 09, 2018 Views: 241 Replies: 6
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At the end of day 1, i have floor, three small characters (two of which will be the players), a wallpaper, a table, and a candle. Decent Progress thus far. 

literally havent coding anything yet, just working on the drawing atm

coding comes later :L

I like the look!  I really liked the wallpaper. The room had a very grand feeling because there is no visible ceiling. Almost like it stretches high above the players view.  

One small suggestion would be to darken the blue in the eyes of the two characters on the right. Stu first I thought they were supposed to look creepy or something but then I zoomed in and saw that they had whites in their eyes also. I think the blue and the white are to close together to tell them apart. 

Might just be my phones screen size though!

i actually thought the same. Ill be experimenting with it a little tonight owo

The style you draw your characters is great! I'd wish I could do the same but my character's are so different from my vision. Best of luck!

hahaha, thank you so much! I really have a lack of self esteem when it comes to my art, so hearing this kind of thing is really a confidence boost

okiedokie, so i made three other small brick textures, redid the eyes, work on a traffic cone, made an evidence piece. I need to work at a couple more things today and ill post them when i do, but atm progress is steady. In terms of overall behavioral stuff, players can now move around and interact when theres something to use