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How many times have you bought a detective game hoping to feel like Sherlock Holmes and got disappointed? I'll tell you. Too many.

Detective games are broken, most of them at least.

These games should be about feeling like the smartest person in the room. Seeing what everybody else missed and connecting the dots. Getting to that wonderful moment in which everything clicks and you figure out what's going on.

Why aren't we making better detective games? Well, because it's damn hard. We need to experiment, go wild and try out new things. And when it comes to trying out new solutions nothing beats a jam. Let's get together as a community and fix detective games for the sake of humanity

More info and sub-themes coming soon to  get your minds working. Meanwhile check out Mark Brown's video on detective games or read my article on Gamasutra.

You can also find a team for the jam on Crowdforge.


-> What is exactly a detective game? 

Something that tries to make you feel like a detective. How to interpret that is entirely up to you.

-> Are board games allowed?

Board games, pen & paper, alternate reality (somebody make one of these please), VR, etc. Everything's allowed.

-> I can't work on my game all that time, some people have jobs.

We don't expect you to use all the time. Make a game in a week, a day or an hour.

-> What are those sub-themes you talk about?

Just some extra restrictions that are entirely optional. I'll announce them a week before the jam starts.

-> What about prizes?

Damn it! We're trying to fix the world over here, forget about stupid prizes, this is not a competition.

Art by PabloDap

Hosted by Ludipe

Use #NoShitSherlockJam to talk about the jam on twitter and feel free to use the forums.