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- Added new detective themed music.

- Added a custom mouse cursor.

- Added sounds for when interacting with buttons.

Added a 'Houses' Tab to see which houses you need to sell.

- Added some small artwork along with some details for the houses you need to sell.

- Added some new document artwork.

Planned for V0.03: Clients Tab, Call police Option, Sell house Option.

Sounds amazing! This could have so much replayability.

The style you draw your characters is great! I'd wish I could do the same but my character's are so different from my vision. Best of luck!

Hello! I'm doing my first ever game within this game jam, I couldn't think of any good detective ideas and my current skills in the game engine quite aren't up to the point of making full dialogues and stuff. I messed around with the name Sherlock Holmes and got out Sherlock Homes.

It's meant to be a investigative game, in which Sherlock Holmes retires from his detective career and starts a new career in a industry with more money, real estate. Sounds wierd but Sherlock Holmes will have to keep up with the standards of real estate in the city of Landon.

Before selling any home, Sherlock Holmes must dig deep into his clients past life to see if he has anything that might restrict him from buying a house. This might sound absurd IRL, but it's a fictional universe where stuff like this is controlled. It's either simply checking documents or having to contact friends and relatives to find out more about the clients past life.

Here is my current progress:

v0.01 : 

So, in this build I started off by making a simple drag and drop system that's still a bit buggy (files TP to the mouse position).

I then began working on some sprites to make it fancier. Here are some pictures of what the game would look like in a possible release:

Currently these are the only sprites I have, main goal is to add atleast 5 potential clients to make up for some gameplay. After finishing those clients, I wish to add some random sprites (would pop up randomly) like a 10 dollar bill (possible bribe), office decorations etc.

Today I am working on the Homes tab, it's going to be a map of the city with all the houses you need to sell. 

If you have any suggestions / opinions / criticism please do leave it below so I can make the game better for everyone! 

I'm actually doing something like Papers, Please. It's not really detective work but it still puts you in the spot of investigating and makes you feel detective-ish,

Right, thanks! 

Hi, I was wondering if it's obligatory to make a detective game in which you have to collect clues etc. I have this idea of a wierd type of investigator and the game makes you feel like a detective even if you aren't. You'll still have to work with files and sort out which way is the right way, just wanted to ask if I'm allowed to make this type of game?

Quite got a idea of a funny investigation game, not really straight up a detective but it sorta makes you feel like one.