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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Duplication bug

A topic by NuriaSabr created Mar 07, 2018 Views: 294 Replies: 8
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  When storing items in the Buggy, after closing the game down and then loading the save, the stacks of items in a buggy are duplicated. This even leads to the buggy holding 10+ stacks of items as the buggy isn't actually limited to holding more than 6 stacks, so as you remove one stack of items the next will appear.  Very annoying bug as I'd like to keep supplies such as oxygen in the buggy as an emergency backup, but if i leave it there when i have to close out the game, i end up with a bunch of duplicates i have to manually throw out.


I've heard of stuff like this sometimes happening (I think mainly with storage containers), but I can't currently get this to happen on my end with the buggy. Does it happen consistently for you?  

Steps I took: 

  1. Load game with a buggie
  2. Open buggie inventory
  3. Transfer a few items over, back and forth.  Sometimes 1 at a time, sometimes via shift-click (move entire stack)
  4. Close popup
  5. Save + Quit
  6. Load game, same amount of items were still in the buggie that'd be expected.

Would love to get this fixed though if it's happening for you.  Any other ideas on what steps / actions you might be taking that I'm not thinking of?

Hey Cairn!  I'm seeing this as well.  I have an existing game file where it's occurring if you'd like me to send it to you.


Hey! Yeah that'd be great. (zip the folder and email it over to please).

I'm not entirely sure if the problem saves itself in there - but worth taking a look.  Do you have multiple buggies in that game? 

Only the one buggy atm.  I've sent you the save folder (zipped) - hope it helps!  Let me know if you need anything else.  I'll keep that save for the time being in case you need more.


I'm having a similar problem too. I only have the one buggy. I left some items in the buggy storage (I can't remember precisely what) but it consisted of some plant and root seeds. I came back at a later date and the buggy had 3 stacks of 6 root seeds and 3 stacks of 6 plant seeds taking up the entirety of the displayed space. I thought that was a little odd and not quite how I left them in there, but I chalked it up to mis-remembering.

Tonight, I had an RTG, battery, comms tower, some radioactive ore, and root/grass seeds in my buggy before I had to save and quit to come back in a bit. After re-loading my save, I had 288 plant seeds, 288 root seeds, 52 radioactive ore, 10 batteries, 10 RTGs and 5 comms towers spread into more than the 6 stacks that display in the buggy storage.

I'll also send you my save folder, and I'll try to precisely re-duplicate the issue if I can. 


Thanks everyone for the posts on this bug.  Finally able to easily reproduce it on my end (and have a 75% feeling that the problem is related to the game autosaving). Will dig into this more tonight!

Hello there,

think i stumbled over an addition to the buggie-bug. The items still stack - but they addapt the state of the item, too. I accidentally placed a wrecked shovel in the buggie followed by an new one. They stacked with low "health". If i grab them back i now have two wrecked shovels.


Hello again,

a variant of this Bug with Containers found. If your Inventory got only one place left and you pick up an item which does not stack like the shovel/axe from a container, they will stack without counting. And now you can pick up (maybe unlimited) items which will all stack invisibly in the last slot.