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MewnBase community · Created a new topic Duplication bug

  When storing items in the Buggy, after closing the game down and then loading the save, the stacks of items in a buggy are duplicated. This even leads to the buggy holding 10+ stacks of items as the buggy isn't actually limited to holding more than 6 stacks, so as you remove one stack of items the next will appear.  Very annoying bug as I'd like to keep supplies such as oxygen in the buggy as an emergency backup, but if i leave it there when i have to close out the game, i end up with a bunch of duplicates i have to manually throw out.

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Seedling storage?

So watching video's on the game, I saw people putting acorns in the seedling storage to grow saplings to plant. (for renewable trees)  But when I tried it, I get 15 seeds in the storage (has the initial 5 fertilizer) and then nothing.  I can't add more seeds or fertilizer and nothing appears to be growing.  I've likely encountered a user error.  

I've managed to grow trees by directly planting the acorns in holes in the ground.  And they grow pretty fast.   But am left wondering what to do with the Seedling storage?  

Is there a way to tell a bot to equip an item out of their backpack?  I can direct them to put stuff away by teaching them to use the 'e' button.  But my attempts to teach them to open inventory and equip an item doesn't work.

I'd really enjoy being able to type the code blocks.  I find myself doing actions just to get them in the list, then rearranging the blocks instead of trying to get them to mimic me.