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some new encounters for your information:

- Placing the buggie over a fruit root blocks all access to the container. Not sure if it appears with other environment too.

- Not sure if it is a bug, but unrewarding. The last stone/metal/tree/rock im trying to harvest with the shovel/axe/drill before the tool breaks could really get harvested, instead of mocking me untouched.

- I was planing on building a second base - needed new recources. So i forged all the modules i would need and set out. After a long journey, as i was extracting my new base i came to realise i forgot an airlock, as suddenly my o2 was running out. Panicked. Suffocated. Meh. My last savestate was apparently from just before i departed for the journey, since my inventory was ready to go. I forged an airlock and leaved again. Long story short: My little outpost was still there! And thats how i ended up with double the base and no energy problems at all :)

Have i nice day.

Hello again,

a variant of this Bug with Containers found. If your Inventory got only one place left and you pick up an item which does not stack like the shovel/axe from a container, they will stack without counting. And now you can pick up (maybe unlimited) items which will all stack invisibly in the last slot.



i get the following fascinating bug: Lets say i place a wooden floor, did it wrong and want to remove it immediately (cursor still on the wooden floor icon), i place a second floor tile over the first, instead of removing the previous. If i then select another item i can remove the second one but the first is permanent. After a reload the first tile is gone.

This bug works in combination with asphalt too. Means, i can place a wooden floor over asphalt, and when removed the asphalt is unaccessable at first and gone after feload.


Hello there,

think i stumbled over an addition to the buggie-bug. The items still stack - but they addapt the state of the item, too. I accidentally placed a wrecked shovel in the buggie followed by an new one. They stacked with low "health". If i grab them back i now have two wrecked shovels.