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Velvet Guard

A topic by Pengu2 created Mar 04, 2018 Views: 222 Replies: 5
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You got one bullet, fire it wisely as one mistake may cause you death in this fast paced game. Choose from a selection of abilities to survive in difficult situations and master them to become the champion of the Velvet Guard

  •  Diverse abilities to change up your gameplay and challenge your skills
  •  Multiple gamemodes and gamerules
  •  Fast paced combat to challenge your friends
  • Multiple levels

  • 10 more abilties
  • 17 more levels
  • 1 new mode
  • 8 new gameplay options
  • Regular updates


Looks cool, I put you up on the fresh games section on the homepage.

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Looks neat! Any plans for a Mac version? 

Yeah, I’m currently figuring out the best way to port the game to Linux and Mac. Don’t want the other platforms to have less features

Awesome! I'll keep a look out for it in the future.